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Posts published in “Day: November 19, 2020

State of the County focuses on COVID-19

HEB president Scott McClelland and Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo presented the annual State of the County address in the style of a “Fireside Chat.”

Judge Lina Hidalgo’s discusses her ideal pandemic re-opening strategy

By Jada Mier

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo and H.E.B.’s President Scott McClelland discussed some important topics at the Annual State of the County “Fireside Chat” held over Livestream. In a 33- minute conversation, the issues discussed were the pandemic, racial justice, and the Ike Dike coastal barrier.

Harris County has a total of 170,835 confirmed virus cases and 2,322 deaths; Judge Lina Hidalgo thinks it’s time for a “necessary pullback.” The number of new cases has increased by 40 percent, Hidalgo says. She feels that Harris county would benefit more from a gradual re-opening plan. Stating that she no longer has the authority to enforce this, she thinks what the country needs is a threshold re-opening strategy with scientifically based parameters. Addressing our suffering economy, Hidalgo says Covid-19 safety measures and the economy’s health are synonymous. “When folks know it’s safe out there, they’ll have the confidence to go out and engage in the activities that are going to improve our economy.”

McClelland pointed out the ongoing struggle students have to adapt to their new online school environment due to the global pandemic. In response to Harris County’s lack of connectivity, the county has invested more money to bridge this digital divide. People are noticing the lack of broadband and cellphone towers in more impoverished areas, which leads to an inability to access the internet, Hidalgo said.

Purse Bingo sees big success for Chamber

CROSBY – The beautiful David H. McNerney Amerian Legion Hall Post #658 was fully decked out for a circus like atmosphere as the local Chamber of Commerce held their second purse bingo competition there Nov. 13.

The event was also held in Stonebridge at Newport at the same time with the same numbers called thanks to modern technical convenience of simulcast Live Stream after 5:30 p.m.

The purses are actual pocketbooks and accessories from the pricey designer lines of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi and others. Raffles were held for pricey bags and a 52 pick up in two separate games added some variety.

Amadour to be evangelist for Native Church

Richard Amadour, pastor and founder of Son Harvest Church to follow next calling by seeding Native American Churches throughout the American West.

CROSBY – Vision is simply seeing but faith vision is seeing what can be and Richard Michael Amadour is certainly a man of faith vision.

Soon, his sojourn here is over and he will venture out West and North to seed churches for Okcha Ministries. Okcha is the Creek Nation’s work for aware.”

The Star-Courier caught up with Amadour at his comfortable, unostentatious office at Son Harvest Church founded February of 2004 by Richard and the devotion of members for the outcasts to teach anchoring in Christ, restore joy, change the lives of those around us and love Jesus.