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Posts published in “Day: December 17, 2020

Clothe-A-Child & food gifting take extra effort in 2020

Pastor Keenan Smith and fellow ministers of Crosby Church huddle as the second wave of volunteers prepares to start helping folks that need a little extra help this year preparing for Christmas. In total 2020 has been a challenging year.

CROSBY – The year 2020 has been a tough one on those that host charities and to those that benefit from them. This includes one of the local favorites, Cloth-A-Child, developed to help school-aged kids enjoy some of the blessings that many take for granted.

For the last 16 weeks, Crosby church A Fellowship of Believers has taken in what food they could get donated and handed it out to waiting families from their central campus on US 90. That program now occurs on Mondays and begins at about 3:00 p.m., but the lineup is now beginning at noon. Pastor Keenan Smith has seen the program go from prepackaged relief boxes to volunteer assembly of food stuffs. It has become more difficult to say if the products are better or worse than in the past; for example, entire tenderloins and lamb parts from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo have been arriving.

Monday and Tuesday of this week, Clothe-A-Child brings those in need of help presenting Christmas close to those that want to help others, as the helpers are to shepherd the needy into an effective use of $100 and get the kids a toy. Monday in Atascocita, Tuesday in Crosby.

According to Pastor Keenan Smith’s observation, “Some people ask, ‘Is that all I’m gonna get from you?’ while others have tears of gratitude in their eyes.”

Rotary Chili Feast set for Feb. 6th

Winner of the Chili Feast Raffle will have their choice of a 2021 Chevy Colorado Pickup or a 2021 Chevy Camaro, from Turner Chevrolet.

HIGHLANDS – The Rotary Club is preparing to hold their 46th Annual Chili Feast, on Saturday, February 6. A chili lunch will be served from 11 am to 3 pm or until the chili runs out, according to Chili Feast chairman Jerry Fallin. A live auction will take place at 12:30 pm.

The event is being held at the St. Jude’s Catholic Church social hall, unless strict COVID-19 rules are in effect causing the event to be moved. The club president, Andy Scott, said that the raffle will be held regardless of any restrictions present on indoor meetings. Of course, all current health rules will be strictly observed. Therefore the club members are continuing to sell raffle tickets. There are 700 tickets available for a $100 donation. A ticket entitles you to two bowls of “Chester’s Famous Recipe” chili, and a chance to win one of 17 raffle prizes, all worth more that the $100 ticket price.

Club members are also selling Chili lunches only, for $10. Great for extra hungry folks, or to take home for later.

This annual event is a high point for many in the community, who see their friends at least this one time each year, and catch up with stories. It also has great good, and quality auction items.

Highlands’s Annual “Share Your Christmas”

The staff at BP Hopper primary is very thankful for the donations received for our students in need. Our sponsors went above and beyond to help. (Left to right Ms. Herrera, Ms. Harding, Mrs. Batiste and Mrs. Cotten)

By Theresa Cashion

HIGHLANDS – The Share Your Christmas project provides new clothing for students in need in the three schools in Highlands. The idea was conceived 18 years ago by the Catholic Daughters organization at Saint Jude Church. For a project to serve over 150 students each year, it must have a lot of support of local churches, clubs, businesses and individuals.

The school counselors take time from their busy schedules to work up the list of eligible students and handle the parent contact. Sponsors purchase the clothing and oftentimes toys, gift wrap the items and deliver them to the school. The sponsors give to the students with a joyful and loving attitude. They are a group of which we are very proud and thankful.