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Posts published in “Day: May 13, 2021

Vondenstein shows COVID isn’t a flu

Mrs Vonderstein expressdes thanks and recounts some struggles Colby has surmounted as he stands beside her and having thanked all supporters.

CROSBY – A benefit for “Colby Strong” Vondenstein was held at the Crosby Fair & Rodeo pavilion last Saturday.

Colby Vondenstein, 24, an in-shape husband and father of three, contracted COVID-19 after last Christmas and as a result had a double lung and a kidney transplant. He had no underlying health conditions. His family caught the bug too, but they recovered while Colby deteriorated. Doctors in February said he probably only had days to live.

Sandy Mendez, his mother, chatted with the Star-Courier at the benefit before Colby made an appearance on a walker to thank supporters and attribute his stunning recovering to his prayer warrior supporters. Mendez stated, “We are holding this to help with medical bills. It is going to be a long recovery, and he is going to be out of work for about a year.”

Flood funds need matches for mitigation

By Lewis Spearman

EAST HARRIS COUNTY – Problems matching money set aside to mitigate flooding locally are allowing flood conditions to threaten the Greater Houston Area.

Remember all those floods from the Memorial Day Flood to Hurricane Harvey? Citizens of Harris County passed a $2.5 billion dollar matching funds bond to deal with making an infrastructure to reduce the risk of floods.

The $2.5 billion bond passed in 2018, and Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) planned for state and federal agencies to match the bond amount. But the HCFCD explained that the Texas General Land Office changed how it allocated funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Houston and Harris County are now competing with the rest of Texas for Hurricane Harvey relief. The 2015 Memorial Day and 2016 Tax Day floods did not receive grants, according to the HCFCD.

Caregiving answers chronic dog dumping

Jancie Ivey trains “Seeing Eye Companions” and spoke with Amanda Sherrod, stray dog rescue hero, at the Gazebo located in front of Newport Subdivision last Saturday from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. at the Chiquita Aurora Espinosa’a Quince/Sweet 16 Charity Event.

CROSBY – Those of us with a heart for dogs were encouraged last Saturday to learn that a local lady is working diligently to find homes for strays and dogs being dropped off in east Harris County from that big city to the West.

Most in Crosby believe there is a special place in the Inferno for folks that abandon fur babies in the wild, but Amanda Sherrod has started a Foster and Rescue Care Charity to help our canine friends.

The kick-off for her charity was the Chiquita Aurora Espinosa’s Quince/Sweet 16 Charity Event sponsored by the Espinosas. There was cake, punch and water for the humans and a doggie party bag for each attending dog with keepsake pictures. A raffle was held for prizes for dog and their humans. Guests were asked to bring an item such as bowls, collars, leashes, blankets, preferred food like Purina Pro Plan to benefit the Foster and Rescue Care.

Local author pens book about Texas Republic

HIGHLANDS — Karl Thomson, a former gunsmith, bush pilot, has completed his new book Three Texas Rangers: The Republic of Texas 1836-1845.

The book is a fictional account of the Texas Revolution through Mexican – American War and the making of a republic away from a dictatorship.

It also deals with the establishment of the Texas Rangers and development of the Colt revolving pistol. The book pairs fictional characters with accurate historical figures.