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Posts published in “Day: July 28, 2022

Bras for a Cause awards $132,000 to 3 groups

Bras for a Cause members pose at the Rodeo, with the three check presentations, to Houston Methodist Baytown, Joseph’s Warriors, and Candlelighters Childhood Alliance. Jay Beasley waves in recognition and thanks. (Photos by Michele Eaglin)

CROSBY – As part of a Night Performance at the Crosby Rodeo the Crosby Bras for a Cause Committee presented 3 checks at the CF&R 2022 with proceeds from the 2022 event held in February of this year.

$90,000 to Houston Methodist Baytown. These funds will be divided between the Pink Heals Fund and the BFC Breast Care Fund. Pink Heals supports patients with a cancer diagnosis who need financial support while going through treatment for expenses that insurance will not cover. BFC Breast Care Fund provides financial assistance with breast screenings and diagnostics for cancer diagnosis.

$40,000 donated to CandleLighters Childhood Alliance. CL supports families of children who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

$2,000 donated to Joseph’s Warriors, a family foundation formerly from Crosby whose 10-year-old son passed away from cancer and they visit children with cancer in the hospital and take gifts to them.

CANDLELIGHTERS CHILDHOOD ALLIANCE received $40,000. CL board member Jay Beasley points to the amount, as BFC members hold check.

100˚+ Heat Wave setting records

HARRIS COUNTY – For at least 18 days since the beginning of the year, Southeast Texas has experienced record setting temperatures of 100˚+. In the month of July, we are on track to set the hottest month on record, checking records all the way back to 1889. Little to no rain is forecast to alleviate this problem for the next week or more.

Authorities are advising about Heat Stroke, and other measures to deal with the excessive heat.

Heat Safety & Heat Stroke: What You Need to Know During a Heat Wave

When you live in Southeast Texas where the summers are always hot, a heat warning or advisory may not seem like a big deal. But, right now, it’s excessively hot, and it’s a good time to brush up on heat safety.

Heat stroke, also referred to as sun stroke, is when a person’s body overheats as a result of exposure to hot weather. When it’s particularly hot outside, your body temperature can rise faster than your body’s cooling mechanisms (such as sweating) are able to lower it. In addition, heat that’s accompanied by high humidity (above 75%) can reduce the effect sweat has on lowering your body temperature.

“In most cases, heat stroke results from exercising outside in the heat without proper hydration. But, when it’s really hot outside, a person doesn’t have to be exercising to develop heat stroke,” said Dr. Gregory Terry, a primary care physician with Houston Methodist Baytown.

Here’s what you need to know about heat stroke and staying safe in the heat during a heat wave.