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Posts published in “Day: September 22, 2022

Remembering King Charles’ (then a Prince) visit to Highlands in 1986

By Gilbert Hoffman

HIGHLANDS – With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and the assencion to the throne of King Charles, many persons in Highlands are remembering the visit that Charles, then Prince, paid to the Mountbatten House on Maple Street in Highlands in February 1986.

Due to the interest in the subject, we are reprinting part of the Front Page of the Highlands Star of February 27, 1986, and below the text of the article that was included:

HRH THE PRINCE OF ENGLAND “Heir To Throne Visits Mountbatten House”

HRH Prince Charles’ Visit Here Leaves Warmth, Friendliness

By Brenda White

For the first, and perhaps the only time, Highlanders experienced a touch of royalty last week.

#1 Crosby falls to Barbers Hill 28-27 in OT

BARBERS HILL – Two rivals met Friday night in a thrilling football game, which ended in a victory for Barbers Hill. Coaching decisions and strong offensive play on both sides kept the fans on the edge of their seats.

Outstanding play by Crosby QB Cyrin Miles accounted for 293 yards (192 passing, 101 rushing) and RB Levi Fontenot carried for 76 yards. BH QB Kody Fuentes was 22 for 29 in passing with 388 yards. But the clincher was in OT, tied 21-21 he passed on the first play to bring the score to 28-21. Crosby scored shortly thereafter on a Myles run, and with the score 28-27 attempted a 2- point conversion, which failed when the Eagles defense held and stopped the run.

Highlands Homeless Navigation center moves to new location in Church

HIGHLANDS – An organization planning on providing services to the homeless population in East Harris County has decided to set up operations in several rooms of the Highlands United Methodist Church. Previously they had announced that they would be located in a residential property at the corner of Wallisville and Thompson Road, but that plan changed, according to the director, Tom Kelchner.

Kelchner’s organization is known as the East Harris Navigation Center for the Homeless, and is a 501c3 charity. Kelchner told this newspaper that they will provide food, clothing, general counseling, job training and placement, and life skills training to the homeless population they will serve, with the goal of helping them establish a normal life off the streets.