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Up in Smoke

An Apple A Day
Up In Smoke

Although public awareness about the dangers of tobacco smoke has heightened over recent years, the message has apparently not gotten through to many Americans. Approximately one-quarter of our adult population (over 40 million people) continues to smoke tobacco. Smoking is even on the rise among young Americans, with a thirty-percent increase over the past decade in teens.

Tobacco smoke contains at least 43 substances that cause cancer. Some of the chemicals in tobacco smoke include cyanide, benzene, formaldehyde, wood alcohol, acetylene, and ammonia. Nicotine itself is a poison that in large doses can kill a person by stopping their muscles of respiration. The health consequences of smoking are substantial, including a dramatic increase in diseases of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, and brain.
Tobacco smoke also elevates the risk of many types of cancer. In the U.S. tobacco causes 1-in 5 cancer deaths (nearly 440,000 deaths per year). Bottom line, smoking will kill you. However, it’s never too late to quit. The risk of heart disease in the ex-smoker is equivalent to that of the non-smoker after fifteen years of being tobacco free.
Smoking cessation is not easy! In fact it may be one of the hardest things that you will ever do. The end result, however, can be very rewarding. On average, it takes people about ten attempts before finally being able to quit.
There are several products available for smoking cessation in the way of nicotine replacement. Nicotine gum and patches are available over-the-counter. The nicotine nasal spray and inhalers still require a doctor’s prescription. There is also an oral medication called bupropion (Zyban) that is used for smoking cessation. This medication is similar to many of the prescription antidepressant medications. Bupropion can be used in combination with the nicotine replacement products. Always use these products according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
No matter what method you choose to stop smoking, it’s important to pick a day to quit and stick to it! None of the above products are meant to replace will power. Because smoking is sometimes used as a “stress reliever”, it also helps to have an action plan in place for what to do instead of smoking during times of stress. You should also enlist the help of friends and family members. Let them know you’re attempting to quit and they’re likely to provide valuable support. You should also discard all smoking related items – cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters, etc.
Quitting smoking is not easy. Attempting smoking cessation, though, is worth the health benefits that your body will receive. Now is the perfect time to make the commitment to quit since November marks the annual Great American Smokeout. This is an event held on the third Thursday of every November, sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Ask your physician for advice in this matter and to help decide what methods of cessation are most appropriate for you. Further information can be obtained through the American Cancer Society web site ( Good luck and Happy Halloween!

R.G. Roach, D.O.
The Center for Family & Preventive Medicine

George West and Egypt…All part of Texas

Well, it looks a whole lot like a wet winter (again). I wish someone would find out how to turn that thing off!
Anyway, I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when they caught those sniper guys. It’s a shame it took so many lives.
Don’t forget that it’s only a little over a week ‘till we’re campaign commercial free! Shouldn’t there be a holiday for that or something?

Speakin’ of them politicians, did you hear about the politician who was kissin’ babies and the mothers washed the baby’s mouths out with soap?!
I’m not sure who to believe anymore. The Democrats tell us how mean the Republicans are and to vote Democrat. The Republicans tell us what scoundrels the Democrats are, so vote for Republicans. The Independents tell us that everybody is crooked but them. Well, it makes a decision so tough, when all of them are tellin’ the truth!
I had somebody tell me maybe I should lighten up on poor ole Bill Clinton and his cronies. I told them that I would, but Bill won’t leave the stage. He keeps trying to stay in the spotlight. So I politely told them, I really believe that you all read my ramblin’s because I don’t say what everyone else says, I just say what everyone else would say, if given the chance! Now, if I’m wrong on this, please write and let the Star Courier know.
Speaking of the Star Courier, how about the new website? It is really nice. Check it out at (By the way, they will eventually get around to changing it for each week, I promise).
This weekend, I will be down in beautiful George West Texas for their Storyfest. It’s a long way down there, but it is probably the single best event of its kind in Texas. There will be storytelling, ghost stories, poets, a working chuckwagon, games, music and a lot of other stuff for the kids and adults. I’m going to keep tellin’ you all about these things until some of you attend. These are great family weekends that are free admission.
The second weekend in November is the Egypt Plantation Days in Egypt, Texas. Yes, Virginia, there is an Egypt, Texas! Another free event with something for everyone. Egypt is just ten miles North of Wharton, Texas. Try this one, too!
I guess I’ve never come right out and said it, but you might stick your ole head into a local Crosby church service on Sunday. There are a bunch of good ones around and one of ‘em will fit you, I’ll guarantee. You might even like it!
As you’ve probably already guessed, I had a lot of stuff to say, just none of it was real long. See, you were lucky this week. But that don’t mean you don’t have to close the gate when you leave! So have a great week, say somethin’ nice to someone you don’t even know and, ‘till we meet again, Happy Trails, Lloyd

Send ’em a Texas Ranger

What a week. It seems that the whole world is tipping over on its side. There’s a gunman loose in the Washington/Virginia area and everyone is staying home, not even shopping for groceries! The economy in that area is down millions of dollars and the nut is still runnin’ loose! How about putting a BIG reward out for this guy’s capture, say, $1,000,000.00? I betcha that would get him caught real quick like. And, if all else fails, we may just have to settle it by sending them a Texas Ranger. End of story.
Have you heard the latest from Panic World Headquarters? North Korea has deliverable nuclear weapons. DUH!!! Guess where they got the technology to build accurate missiles for those nuclear weapons. Well, it’s spelled B-I-L-L C-L-I-N-T-O-N. Slick sold them the technology so he could finance his campaign. Then he made sure nothing would be done about it by appointing Her Majesty, Madeline Allbright sic (there’s a great last name for ya!), as Secretary of State. North Korea promised to play nice and she believed ‘em!
Now Korea is ready to move and everyone is saying “it’s Bush’s fault”! Sorry, guys. Some of us have been following this thing and know what’s goin’ on. Everyone else is just now startin’ to see the mess that went on in Washington during Slick’s stay. The scary part is, how much more damage is yet uncovered?
On the cheerier side, the election season is almost over. Can Thanksgiving be far behind? Is it a coincidence that Thanksgiving quickly follows the elections? Just be sure and vote, especially for the governor.
I’m having trouble deciding which scoundrel to vote for. Is it still legal to vote for my favorite candidate, “None of the Above”?
A little note to the boys who do the grate cookin’ at “Larry’s” on Thursday nite: “I love you guys! Just keep them steaks juicy”!
I got to entertain about forty Japanese visiting Tyler on Saturday. What a great time! They spoke little or no English and I spoke only two or three phrases of Japanese. However, when I spoke “cowboy”, they understood instantly. They knew the words and music to “Happy Trails”, and sang right along. I taught them the words to “Back In The Saddle Again”. No problem. Then they wanted their pictures taken holdin’ my antique Colt pistols, usually pointed at me! You see, in Japan, they cannot own firearms of any kind, so they have a real fascination with guns.
One really nice guy informed me through the interpreter that he was a black belt. I said I was a good shot. He then said he would stop the bullet with his sword. I said, “bang, bang, bang”! He said, “I now dead”!
These folks were very courteous and polite. Some were flat out funny, like that guy. We all enjoyed each others company. What was the common bond though, was the cowboy spirit, which they loved and identified with so well.
I guess the American cowboy is still one of the best good will ambassadors we have, and Lord knows, we need them now, more than ever. So this week, if you see a cowboy, tell him thanks. He’ll know what you mean!
Shut the gate on your way out, pard.
‘Till we meet again, Happy Trails! Lloyd

Cougars Get Trumped by King

Crosby- With the Crosby looking to keep their district record perfect, the Cougars traveled to Crenshaw Stadium in nearby Sheldon. Despite a valiant effort, the Cougars lost 35-28.
During the soggy evening, the Cougar rushing game could only muster 88 rushing yards, Cleveland Archie having 68 of them. Quarterback, Kellen Haynes was 15-31 for 231 yards with no picks. King quarterback, Jeremy Hearne opened the scoring with a 70-yard run with less than two minutes having passed in the first quarter. Crosby answered with a 19-yard pass from Haynes to Chris Destin. Crosby tight end, Chad Coltharp then caught a 20-yard pass to put the Cougars ahead 14-7 at the end of the first quarter.
Crosby would not have the lead again. The Panthers scored 13 points in the second quarter to Crosby’s 0, and went into the locker room with a 20-14 lead. King scored first in the second half, after recovering an onsides kick. Then Crosby stormed back to knot the score at 28-28, with twelve minutes left to play.
The Panthers scored in the opening minute of the fourth quarter, and held the Cougars scoreless for the remainder of the game, to come away with the win.
6-2,2-1 Crosby will travel to Forest Brook on Friday to face the 3-4,2-1 Jaguars in an important District 21-4A game. The game is at 7:30 PM on November 1st.

Horsefeathers is refreshing. We need to share this Cowboy.

While surfing the net, I came across your site and loved this column. It is refreshing to read a column where the writer is a true American Cowboy through and through and not afraid to voice his opinion. Is his column in any other newspapers? If not, it surely needs to be as everyone would enjoy this fresh way of looking at the world. Thanks for sharing this column on your site.

Crosby opens District play with a Win

CROSBY– The Oct. 4 bye week for Crosby didn’t seem to hurt the Cougars as they scored three touchdowns in a 27-3 victory over Galena Park in their district opener.

Crosby’s defense played heavily in the win, completely stopping the Yellow Jackets’ passing game (O for 2 with two interceptions). The defense was also the ones to put the Cougars on the board first. Three minutes into the game, Michael Garcia recovered a Yellow Jacket fumble in the endzone for a touchdown. Crosby forced three turnovers on fumbles in the game.

Highlands Kawasaki favored in Texas Shootout

Star-Courier staff

BAYTOWN– Anyone loving to watch fast motors and grilling competition needs to come out FM 565 to Houston Raceway Park this weekend.

Oct. 19 and 20, the season finale of the Texas Shootout motorcycle dragracing competition will launch. Racing will feature 200+ mph exhibition passes on specially designed, modified and stock model motorcycles.

Crosby mourns loss of E. P. Miller, Jr.

Star-Courier staff

CROSBY– A man who dedicated his life to the youth of Crosby and who made a lasting impact on the Crosby community passed away Oct. 13th at the age of 85.

Services for E.P. Miller, Jr. were held Oct. 15 at the Sterling White Chapel Funeral Home in Highlands, with the Rev. Gregory Megill officiating. Burial followed at the White Cemetery.

Overweight Children

By J.S. Henderson, M.D.
Overweight Children
We have addressed the issue of the epidemic of overweight children in the past. It is such a critical issue that we felt this update would be appropriate with the holiday season approaching. Weight gain is a year round problem, but much of the excess weight gained by American adults and children occurs between Halloween and New Years Day.
It is hoped that this information will help our readers with overweight children avoid a worsening of the problem over this coming holiday season and begin the process of making better eating and exercise habits a permanent change.
How do I know if my child is overweight?
Your health care provider may use a chart to find out if your child might be overweight. Your child is overweight if he or she is heavier than 85 percent of other children who are the same age and height. If your child has bigger bones, he or she may weigh more because of that, not because of too much fat.
What can I do to keep my child from being overweight?
Weight problems can be very hard to fix, so it’s important to prevent the problem from happening in the first place. Here are some tips to help you keep your child at a healthy weight:
· Don’t make your child eat when he or she isn’t hungry—it’s OK if not every drink or every meal gets finished.
· Don’t use food to comfort or to reward.
· Don’t offer dessert as a reward for finishing a meal. Doing this teaches your child to value sweets more than other foods.
· Offer your child a healthy diet. No more than 30 percent of all the calories your child eats should be fat calories. Ask your health care provider or a dietitian to teach you about the right kinds of food to feed your child. Your child needs to get lots of fiber from fruits, vegetables and grains.
· Don’t eat at fast-food restaurants more than once a week.
· Limit how much TV your child watches. Try to get your child to do something active instead, like riding a bicycle or playing ball.
· Spend time being active with your child—go on family walks and play outdoor games together whenever you can.
· Teach your child good eating and exercise habits now to help him or her have a healthy life.
How can I give my child better eating habits?
Most of what your child eats depends on what you bring home from the grocery store. Try not to buy foods that are pre-packaged, sugary or high in fat. Instead, buy foods that are low in fat and high in fiber. After your child is 2 years old, skim milk can safely replace whole milk. Make sure all meals and snacks are eaten at the table, and not in front of the TV. Get the whole family to start eating a healthier diet, so your child won’t feel alone. Also try to limit eating out – particularly at fast food restaurants.
How can I help my child get more physical activity?
One of the best things you can do for your child is to limit TV and computer game time. Instead, suggest playing tag, having foot races, skating and playing other active games. Encourage your child to join school and community sports teams. Take the whole family on walks and bike rides and to ball games.
J. S. Henderson, M.D.
Center for Family and Preventive Medicine
Affiliate of San Jacinto Methodist Hospital
14626 FM 2100, Ste. C
Crosby, Texas 77532

Crosby Homecoming honors Queen Cherylin Joseph, King Kevin Claunch

Mr Crosby 2002 Kevin Claunch, and Homecoming Queen 2002 Cherylin Joseph were honored at the Homecoming festivities during halftime at the Crosby-Smiley game.

Cherylin is the daughter of Keri and Clarence Joseph and, after graduation, she plans to study to become a pediatric nurse. Kevin is the son of Chris and Karen Claunch. Kevin plans undergraduate and graduate work at Texas A & M University to prepare for a future in veterinary medicine.

Other Homecoming court members included Katherine Contreras, Jason Layton, Ryann McMinn, Marianna Hauerland, Chris Destin, and Darvin Cadoree. Crosby High School Homecoming is a function of the CHS Student Council; Student Council is sponsored by Mrs. Jennifer Londene.