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Changes in Goose Creek CISD Bus Routes

Goose Creek CISD bus driver Kim Kennedy and students (from top) Hallie Buenrostro, Nixon Essangone-Eva and Noah Landry will be ready to go the first day of school. All Goose Creek CISD bus routes have changed, so check the website at under Transportation or the bus mailer, which will be sent out the week of August 20th. (Photo by Carrie Pryor-Newman)

Welcome to the 2018- 2019 school year! Do you know that Goose Creek CISD parents can find your child’s bus route two different ways? You can go to and click on Departments and Transportation. Click on Bus Routes to access Infofinder i and type in your child’s address and grade. Bus mailers also will be sent out the week of August 20th. Please remember that all routes have changed due to school time changes, so please verify your child’s bus route.

Until school begins, you also can go to and click on Departments and Transportation. Click on the Bus Stops tab to select your child’s school to find his/her bus stop and time of pick up or drop off. This will only be available for a short time, since changes will be made after school starts. Elementary students who ride buses will receive wristbands at school to wear the first week of school to identify their bus routes. Please remember that everyone is adjusting to the new routes, so you should expect delays for the first few days. Thank you for your patience as we work to safely transport your child to and from school.

GOOSE CREEK CISD SUPERINTENDENT: No resignation, O’Brien backed

Spontaneous demonstrations are in favor of Randy O’Brien on Monday.

BAYTOWN – It may be that some of the board members of Goose Creek Consolidated ISD got ahead of reality in efforts to guide the district in a different direction this week and that calling for the resignation of the popular superintendent of the schools was a less than popular idea.

Last Monday, at a regular meeting of the Board of Trustees a vocal crowd with signs and plenty of enthusiasm showed up and signed up to speak for Randal O’Brien. Of ten citizens that signed up to talk on a topic, all ten spoke accolades for O’Brien. Most expressed their appreciation for the dedication of their superintendent for goals that he has promoted in every method.

Libby Zegland spoke first of O’Brien’s attentiveness to parents, faculty and staff. She called for the renewal of O’Brien’s contract.

Melissa Aitel spoke next of her experience as a parent with the district and in particular about O’Brien. From the start she made a case for proven character and competence. “Under his leadership our students routinely advanced in state UIL Competition.”

She concluded, “There is no better person for the job.”