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Posts published in November 2006

Crosby Branch Library closes for remodeling

CROSBY- The Crosby Branch of Harris County Public Library will close at 6 p.m. on Dec. 1 for remodeling.
“The project will include new carpet, paint and new furniture,” said Library spokesperson Sarah Booth. “Although new space can not be added to the existing building, the current floor space will be reconfigured to make the building open and more accessible. The library will feature reading areas and a new teen area.

Funding for the project will be a joint public-private effort. “We got a small budget from Harris County,” she said. “The Friends of Crosby Library have also been very generous in helping with the project.” Booth could not say exactly how much money would be used.
The remodeling project is estimated to be completed in January 2007. Current customers can pick up their materials at the Atascocita Branch Library located at 19520 Pinehurst Trail Drive in Humble. The library can be reached at 281-812-2162.
The current 10,500 square foot library building has been open since 1987, although libraries in Crosby go back much further. In 1929 J.J. Orsag donated land for a library. O.A. Reidland donated the building while Albert Nelson provided the carpentry for the first Crosby library.
Since it’s opening in 1930, the library collection has grown from 812 books to over 59,000 holdings and 9,000 registered used.

Crosby ISD gets ‘Field of Dreams’

CROSBY—To be a champion you have to look like a champion.
Well, the Crosby High baseball team will have that look this season thanks to a donation from Murff Turf Farms and Triple B Services.
Murff Turf Farm, of Crosby, has donated 200 pallets of grass while Triple B, of Huffman, donated the dirt work to resurface the high school baseball field.
After seeing upgrades at the football stadium and softball field, members of the baseball team’s booster club reached out to Murff’s to see if they could help.

“Everything else got taken care of,” Lindy Murff said, “So the (baseball) booster club asked us for help.”
For Lindy, the decision was an easy one. “We live in this community,” Lindy said.
“This is our home. I graduated from Crosby, so did my sister (Renee Martin) and brother (Scott). My father (Murff Turf Farms founder Bill Murff) was a former Ag teacher in the ‘70s.”
Lindy is also a former Crosby ISD trustee, having served from 2003-2005.
The Murff’s assistance came is the form of $18,000 worth of Celebration Bermudagrass. Triple B donated $6,000 in supplies and labor, stripping the old grass, installing French drains and preparing the field for the new grass.
According to turfgrass experts Sod Solutions, “Celebration Bermudagrass (is) a selected mutation of Cynodon dactylon, a hybrid cultivar of Bermuda, chosen specifically for its dark blue-green color, low growing habit, adaptability to light-moderate shade and excellent drought tolerance.”
In addition to being drought tolerant, the grass is also known for its durability and need for less mowing than the conventional Bermudagrass. This variety has been specially designed for residential lawns and commercial sports fields.
Murff Turf Farm is one of a select few vendors in Texas authorized to carry Celebration Bermudagrass.
Installing the grass was Vincent Turfs, who gave the school district a considerable discount on the job.
“This is going to be one of the nicest fields in the Houston area,” said Chad Vincent of Vincent’s Turfs. “This is the best grass for sports fields.”
“It (the baseball field) was awful before,” Lindy said, recalling that in the Cougars’ last playoff run an opposing team refused to play on the field forcing the game to be moved to a neutral site. “We’re going to have a field that will make every other team jealous.”
While the field will be dormant during the winter months, Vincent said the field will be green and beautiful by the time the baseball season begins.
Murff Turf Farms knows something about sports fields. Their landscaping work can also be seen outside Reliant Stadium and outside Minute Maid Park.

Sheriff’s Dept. cleared in man’s death

HIGHLANDS—An autopsy performed on a Highlands man who died three days after being shocked by a taser, shows the device did not cause the man’s death.
The report written by Harris County Assistant Medical Examiner Dr. Marissa Feeney, obtained by the “Star-Courier” last week concludes that Kenneth Eagleton, 43, died on June 21, 2006 of “ complications of rhabdomylosis with acute renal (kidney) failure due to acute cocaine intoxication.”

A toxicology report indicated a positive result for cocaine in the urine and the chemical benzoylecgonine in the urine and blood. Benzoylecgonine, is a metabolite that is formed when cocaine reacts with water in the liver.
On June 18 medics from the Highlands Volunteer Fire Department called for deputy backup for Eagleton while making a medical emergency call in the 2200 block of North Main.
Sheriff’s Department Spokesman Lt. John Martin said that when deputies arrived they found Eagleton in a car parked on the side of the road lying across the front seat, with his head in the back toward the passenger side and his feet were tangled in the steering wheel. Lt. Martin said he appeared to be in emotional distress and that he was yelling at no one in particular.
When deputies approached they saw Eagleton holding a large knife with both hands.
“At that point,” Martin said. “The deputies tried to talk him down and get him to release the weapon.” Unable to restrain the 6’ tall, 300-pound man with handcuffs, Martin said one of the deputies fired a single shot with his Taser.
Designed to deploy for a five-second cycle, Martin said one jolt is usually enough to subdue a person. However, after the five-seconds Eagleton continued to flail at the officers. A second dart was fired into Eagleton. The second jolt slowed Eagleton enough for officers to restrain him with handcuffs.
Despite the two shots, Martin said that Eagleton remained conscious and continued to struggle even as he was loaded into an ambulance.
When Eagleton arrived at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital E.R. at 1:30 p.m. he had a 108-degree body temperature. The hospital also reported that Eagleton was having seizures and that his heart rate was in excess of 100 beats per minute.
Martin said that at no time did officers deploy chemical deterrents or use impact weapons and that the use of the Taser would not account for the elevated body temperature.
In her report, Feeney found two taser puncture wounds, on the right upper chest and stomach, and bruises on the upper right chest below the collarbone and on the lower extremities, which were attributed to the altercation with the deputies.

Voters return Crabb, Perry to Austin

EAST HARRIS COUNTY— In one of the most watched races in East Harris County, Republican Joe Crabb will return to Austin for another two years after defeating Democratic Challenger Diane Trautman.
The race has gotten increased attention in Crosby. According to election officials a record 373 early votes were cast in Precinct 97, more than in the last presidential election.
Trautman, who promoted herself as an “education candidate received 10,778 votes to Crabb’s 15,998. Libertarian Veal Johnson recorded a nominal 680 votes.
On the state scene the inclusion of Independent candidates Rocky “Kinky” Friedman and Carol Keeton Strayhorn, while generating more attention to the gubernatorial race, could not sway voters with Rick Perry receiving the most votes with 1,508,479. Chris Bell, the former congressman for Highlands, picked up 1,151,836 votes. Friedman recorded 478,094 while Strayhorn brought in 687,970. Coming in last was Libertarian James Werner with 23, 187.
Due to change in the election law, Perry was able to regain the seat with having over 50% of total votes cast.
Kay Bailey Hutchinson had no trouble Tuesday, beating Barbara Ann Radnofsky 2,347, 530-1,372,170. Scott Jameson, a Libertarian, received 92,216 votes statewide.
Ted Poe will serve another two years in Congress after winning a three-way race to Democrat Gary Binderim and Justo Perez Poe collected 64,344 votes to Binderim’s 28,321 and Perez’s 1,575.
In other state-wide races David Dewhurst was elected Lt. Governor, Greg Abbott will return as Attorney.
In unopposed races, County Judge Robert Echols, Commissioners Sylvia Garcia and Jerry Eversole, Judge Tony Polumbo were reelected.

Area Polling Locations – CORRECTED

Polling Locations
Tuesday, Nov. 7 — 7am to 7pm

Pct. 63- Highlands Comm. Ctr., 604 W. Wallisville Rd.
Pct. 387- Highlands Elem., 200 E. Wallisville Rd.

Pct. 97- Newport Elementary School, 430 N. Diamondhead Dr.
Pct. 251- Drew Intermediate, 223 Red Oak
Pct. 502- Crosby ISD Admin. Bldg. – Board Rm., 706 Runneburg
Pct. 604- Indian Shores Comm. Ctr., 20700 Appaloosa Tr.

Pct. 98- Church on the Lake, 23623 Fairlake Rd.
Pct. 636- Cypress Point Baptist, 21 Blue Lake Dr.

Pct. 13- 1st Westminster Presbyterian, 7600 Bayway
Pct. 103 & 531- Comfort Suites, 7209 Garth Road
Pct. 250- Harlem Elementary, 3333 I-10 East
Pct. 739- Coady Baptist Church, 5606 Wade Rd.
Pct. 740- Church on the Rock, 7123 Decker Dr.