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Crosby woman tried for murder of daughter

Kelly Renee Turner, a.k.a. Kelly Grant

CASTLE ROCK, COLORADO – A woman that had lived and gone to church in Crosby is now on trial for the unthinkable murder of her own 7 year old daughter.

Kelly Turner 41, a.k.a Kelly Grant has been charged with the 2017 murder of Olivia Grant, her daughter. Allegedly she faces 2 charges of murder in the first degree for the same death under Colorado law that makes special provisions for those entrusted with children under 12 years of age. She is charged with child abuse and ten associated counts.

Olivia Grant was seen as a terminally ill seven year old who was a favorite of firefighters and police and pretend opponent of convicted criminals in local events. She had been dubbed the “Bat Princess.” But authorities allege it was a concocted story put together by her mother to bilk the community of money and use the girl’s death as cover.

The grand jury found that Kelly has taken over half a million dollars from Make A Wish Foundation, Medicaid, local hospitals and a half dozen local charities under false pretenses.



Deputies Sergeant Williams, Mitchell and Guidry recognized at District III meeting for their efforts during Tropical Storm Imelda. These three braved inclement flood waters to travel to the American Red Cross in downtown Houston to assemble supplies. Successfully delivering the needed supplies to the evacuees located at the Crosby United Methodist Church.

On Thursday, September 19, 2019 an Emergency Declaration was implemented in Harris County due to Tropical Storm Imelda. District III, specifically the Crosby area and Newport subdivision, received a downpour of rain which caused flash flooding. The flooding stranded motorist in their cars and people inside their homes. People were in need of rescue and were rescued.

Evacuees were taken to Crosby United Methodist Church for shelter. An immediate need for supplies for evacuees was identified and addressed by Sergeant Donnie Williams. He commandeered help from Deputies Mitchell and Guidry.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association (Ron DeLorge, Bernadette Beauchamp, Karen Foster, Eddie Foster & Becky Moon) along with Captain Morrison recognized and showed their appreciation to all three of them for their bravery and sacrifice made to the citizens of Harris County that were in need.

Rotary prepares Holiday Gifts

Highlands Rotarians were busy this week, preparing a number of gift wrapped bags with toys and clothing items for the needy children of a Highlands family. The Gift bags will be distributed in the Holiday spirit at the beginning of December.

Veterans saluted with Crosby parade

Precinct 3 Constable Sherman Eagleton leads the salute in one of four rescue vehicles secured through a federal LESO Program for used military equipment at no cost Harris County. Two of these vehicles were used during Hurricane Harvey and the other two were in time to join the others for Storm Imelda.

CROSBY – Locals again remembered those that served their country on Saturday before the Monday that was Veteran’s Day with a parade down Main Street. The weather was perfect.

An honor guard of Crosby High School JROTC followed the first responders of Crosby Volunteer Fire Department, HCESD#5 the ambulance service for Crosby and Precinct 3 Constables Deputies.


Crosby schools celebrate Veterans

CROSBY – Formerly the Red, White and You, the Crosby ISD Veteran’s Celebration was held Thursday night from 6:30 the schedule indicated the first half hour would be in recognition of the veterans known to be in attendance but frankly the parking lot was packed by 6:10 p.m. The venue as moved from the football field to inside the Middle School Gym and improved. The crowd overflowed one side of the gym and loosely filled the other side. The first four rows were reserved for veterans and family and veterans were given posies to wear for recognition.


Crosby & Huffman in football play-offs

Both Crosby and Huffman have succeeded it to be in the play-offs this year.

The Huffman Falcons had a banner year in 11- 4A as Champions with their 10-0 regular season and 5-0 in district. Their undefeated stature is the first time in that division. The falcons will play Furr Brahman on Thursday, November 14 at 7:00 p.m. at Falcon Stadium. Brahman is 5-5 in regular season but number three seed in their division.

Crosby will play at home this week against Fort Bend Willowridge of 11-5A. The game starts at 7:30 on Friday in Cougar Stadium formerly known as the Jungle.

Crosby is 5-2 in District and tied for second place. Fort Bend Willowridge is 6- 3 in regular season.

Crosby comes into the play-offs after a sound feasting on the Baytown Lee Ganders of 59-14. The Cougars recently were reranked in the State as 39 and 393 in the nation. Just in time, they are building momentum.


CROSBY – Four area youths attained a Future Farmers of America (F.F.A.) Degree, the highest honor that an F.F.A. member can attain within the F.F.A. At front is Reidland Hicks, a National Proficiency Finalist in the Forage Production Category, among the top four in the nation.

All five former Crosby ISD students ventured to Indianapolis, Indiana for the National F.F.A. Convention last week, ending Saturday Nov. 2.

One must have graduated from high school for one year to apply. It is a 5th year S.A.E.

To get the FFA degree, applicants must have put in 10,000 hours of work or earned $10,000 to earn the S. A. E. plus volunteer 50 hours of community service.


Eagleton, Stephens costumes highlight Spooktacular party

LEFT: Eddie Foster, dressed as a bigfoot witness, greets the subject title of a Stephen King novel with the voice of Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace Position 1 Joe Stephens. RIGHT: Sherman Eagleton dons a mask of a great ape to recruit a youthful SWAT Special Deputy as dad holds little brother and attendees congregate about the station.

Last Wednesday, at the Wallisville Courthouse Justice of the Peace Joe Stephens and Precinct 3 Constable Sherman Eagleton were top prize winners for their costumes as It, or a scary clown and Mighty Joe Young as a Peace Officer. In partnership with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Citizens Patrol the group gathered donations to put together a free food, beverages and games party for neighborhood kids to enjoy with their parents at the Jim Fonteanou Courthouse.

Shots kill man in Barrett Station

Harris County Sheriff’s Detectives say what began as an altercation inside the Barrett Station Grocery store between two Hispanic males ended with a man that had left saying he was going to get his gun, returned and was promptly shot four times to his death. The suspected murderer fled the scene in a white car.

BARRETT STATION – According to Detective Sergeant E.B. Clegg, at about 9:20p.m., Sunday, deputies went to a disturbance call at 11915 Crosby Lynchburg, the Barrett Station Grocery Store and found a man lying in the parking lot.

The man lying in the parking lot was pronounced dead at the scene. Detectives were able to identify the deceased and notified his wife of his death. His name has not yet been released. Sergeant Clegg indicates that the Harris County Sheriff’s Office hopes to gain more information from video of the incident.


Voter interest low in Election

HARRIS COUNTY – Very few voters bothered to go to the polls on Tuesday, election day. The lack of major issues or strong candidates kept the turnout down to about 10% of eligible voters.

Final vote counts were not available at press time, with only about 25% of the Precincts reporting. Based on that information, and Early Voting ballots, the results are as follows: