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Residents give Pct. 2 feedback on flood concerns

Kris Banks, Precinct 2 Policy Analyst, listens to residents as Jerry Ikes makes his contribution.

HIGHLANDS – Gretchen Knowles and Kris Banks with Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia’s Precinct 2 were the hosts for a feedback session held at the San Jacinto Community Center here on Monday. About 20 residents turned out to offer their advice on what to do about flooding in the future.

This meeting was called “Let’s Talk About Flooding” and asked what residents see as the future of flood control for northeast Harris County. Specifically, a Flood Advisory Board was formed by Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia to seek answers to three questions. Those questions are: what is the biggest impact of flooding that you face; what is your vision for flood control mitigation; and what should be the priority for flood repairs and improvements? The Advisory Board would then incorporate the community concerns from Precinct 2 residents for flood mitigation, meet with varied local, state and federal entities to understand their ongoing efforts and challenges on projects, and advise Commissioner Garcia on how best to address flooding.



Dan Huberty R, House of Representatives District 27 and formerly Crosby’s Representative here with State Senator Carol Alvarado, D., District 6, these two carried the bill through their legislative bodies.

The Cody Bill, or House Bill 76, that provides an opt-in opportunity for parents to have their children screened with an EKG before participating in competitive activities, passed the Texas Senate on May 20 by a vote of 20-11 after clearing the House overwhelmingly.

The bill goes back to the House for an amendment before going on to the Governor who can sign it or do nothing after 15 days and the bill become law. The bill probably comes into effect in 2020.


Rotary awards $32,000 in scholarships

Scholarship Recipients proudly pose after Monday night’s Scholarship Banquet. Also pictured is the keynote speaker, Justice of the Peace Lucia Bates. 17 of the18 recipients were present at the ceremonies at the San Jacinto Community Center, with the others either away at college, or receiving other awards the same night. The total amount of the scholarships awarded was $32,000. Students were from local high schools, with six already at college.

HIGHLANDS – Monday night was the Rotary Club Annual Scholarship Banquet, held at the San Jacinto Community Center.

Receiving scholarships were 18 students, who attended along with their families. The scholarships totaled $32,000 and these funds were a result of the Chili Feast held each February. Scholarships were in the amount of $1500 except for four special awards named for individuals as memorials. These were $2500 apiece.

The keynote speaker was Justice of the Peace Lucia Bates, of Precinct 3 in Baytown. Judge Bates spoke of her early life, having been born on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean (hence her name), and coming to this country at an early age.

Bates was educated at the University of Houston Clear Lake, and the University of Phoenix. Her major was communication and marketing, and she worked for GTE, several newspapers, and then her own marketing firm, LB Marketing Solutions.

She has a passion to give back to the community, which led her to seek a position as judge. She has held a number of public service positions, including Rotary director, chair of the North Channel Chamber, president of her HOA, and former board member of the YMCA, Pilot Club, Top Ladies of Distinction, and an advisory panel to LyondellEquistar. She said she is busy improving her court, making it a more people friendly, inviting atmosphere.



Highlands Horizons held their Scholarship Reception at the San Jacinto Community Center last Monday, May 13.

These Goose Creek Memorial Students received scholarships:

L to R, BACK ROW: Zhabian Gonzalez (Debbie Dickinson Award), Joshua Protain (Jennie Robbins Award), Benjamin Zamarripa, Omar Gonzalez, Emilio Nava, Luke Mitchell.

FRONT ROW: Skylar West, Jacquelyn Herrera, Morgan Birdsong, Mi’Unique Harris.

Congratulations to all.

Crosby High School Top Ten students

Crosby High School Class of 2019 Top 10 Students

1. Mary Hope Greer, Baylor University, Biochemistry

2. Maggie Hearn, Auburn University, Professional Flight

3. Erik Haffelfinger, University of Texas Austin, Environmental Engineering

4. Taylor Snyder, University of Houston, Biology

5. Dayton Berezoski, Texas A&M University, Computer Engineering

6. Mariana Moctezuma, Texas State University, Philosophy

7. Joey Bush, Texas A&M University, Computer Science

8. Randi Plair, Prairie View A&M, Kinesiology

9. Mollie Potter, University of Houston, Music Performance and Education

10. Catriona Lochhead, University of Texas Austin, Biomedical Engineering

Pct. 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia hosts Community Meetings

Commissioner Adrian Garcia’s Advisory Board is hosting a series of community meetings in Precinct 2.

The meetings are a great opportunity for residents to share their vision for Precinct 2 and give input on topics such as education, health, flooding, housing and the environment.

The upcoming meetings will take place at different locations.

Please see below for the full list and Topics. (more…)

Eastside Veterans plan car show, memorial

Eastside Veterans Celebration hosts an open car show May 11 at the David H.McNerney American Legion Hall Post 658 beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending after awards beginning at 2:00 p.m. Dash Plaques will be awarded to the first 40 registered with Top 20 and Best in Show Awards. A 50/50 cash drawing is to be the last detail. Presiding over the show will be Eddie Foster.

CROSBY – Last Monday, Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia attended a meeting of Eastside Veteran’s Celebration.

The Commissioner brought with him Gil Sossa of Harris County Veteran’s Affairs, Nelson Espitia, and Franciso Castillo, the latter being Community Liaisons for the county.

The Celebration crew have been planning to change their agenda for veterans this year. Plans now include a parade on Nov. 9 the Saturday before Veterans’ Day. They hope the school district will enable a Red, White and U student involved display enactment at the high school.

The big development now is they are hoping to cast a memorial to the people that made liberty possible in this land and throughout the world. The plans however need somewhere for the statue or commemorate to stay. (more…)

Local elections determine future

Crosby water board decided

Crosby Municiple Utility District held a Director’s Election on a “vote for three” ballot. Robert F. Fivecoat got 32 votes, William Wilkinson 35 votes, Velma Ellison 25 votes and Eddie Foster 38.

Wow, $10,000 for an election where less than 50 voted and nothing changed.

“Being the newest on the board, I very much appreciate the support of my neighbors and friends.” said Foster.

Crosby MUD could have had over 1,400 vote in the posted and published election that would decide decision makers for growth potential and attraction of new retail businesses to Crosby.

Woods Trustee for Highlands

Riding a wave of popularity that is partially charisma and partly heritage but mostly hard work, Jessica Woods was elected to the Board of Trustees of Goose Creek Consolidated ISD for a second term.


4 -H blooms in Crosby

New officers for the 2019-2020 school year named last Monday at the Annual 4 -H Banquette at Crawfish Shack with over 200 in attendance. The newly Elected Officers were installed by the County Extension Agent for 2019-2020 they are; Brynna CoVan, President; Baylee CoVan Vice President; Austin Eilers, Secretary; Hannah Roder, Treasure; Jaiden Grimes, Reporter; Tripp Young, Parliamentarian. The banquette included a steak dinner.

CROSBY – Victor and Debbie Holmelin started the newest version of Crosby 4-H long ago with a vigor for being inclusive and encouraging area youth to explore their world. Today, Crosby 4-H Club is the largest 4-H club in Harris County, as well as the largest in Texas, with 174 members.

An Annual Banquet celebrates accomplishments of each member and their project/projects and recognize members for their years in 4-H. Seven Clover kids were given pins first, a Clover kid is between 5 and 8 years old and just getting started in 4-H, then a host of others were given pins for each year they had been in 4-H, concluding with Dylan Harthorn, Maggie Hearn and Hunter Eilers receiving 10 year pins.

Following Officer installation, all the high school seniors were called forward and presented a gift by the club. (more…)

Gambling for Huffman class

The Huffman Education Foundation hosted the 4th gala dinner and casino night last Friday to raise funds to offer Huffman ISD students special classes that are not ordinarily available based on school taxes alone. These include more exotic classes with creative approaches to teaching. The special fund was established in honor of Ms. Paige McEachern’s father and longtime educator, Conny Martin. The event was held in Humble.

Crosby FFA cleans up

Pictured left to right: Ariel Vass, Elena Juarez, Alice Mullens, Brent Starky, Blake Larkin, Sebastian Zapata, Joseph Ivey, Jaiden Ruter, Lilli Loggins, Caitlyn Criddle, Lexi Loggins, Caitlynn McCammon, Buddy Davidson, (bottom) Jancie Ivey,and (back) Blake Anderson )

The past weekend Crosby FFA went out on a community service project at the Sheldon Reservoir. They gathered trash from the parking lot and trails surrounding the water and boat ramp.