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Bras raises over $200,000 for cancer fighters


Row 1 – Thomas Hotchkiss, Dustin Palmer, Trevor Larkin, Jeffrey Sparks, Teague Schexnayder, J.R. Towles, Jesse Sorrells, Justin Baptiste, David Mendez; Row 2 – Peewee Farmer, Jacob Schexnayder, Adam Notgrass, Jay Beasley, Jeff Tarpinian, Justin Whittredge, Danon Ponder, John Henshaw; Row 3 – Aubrey Larkin, M.C. Charles Adams, Jason McWorter; and Kevin Rendon isn’t pictured.

The Crosby community once again showed up ready to support the Crosby Fair and Rodeo’s TETWP event on Saturday, February 2, 2019 at Southern Lace Estates.

Preliminary reports show over $200,000 was raised at the 8th annual Bras For The Cause. The committee chose a theme of “Together We Can Make a Difference” with all cancer recognized throughout the room with the different awareness cancer colors. The theme was continued by the BFC committee ladies who chose a colored scarf to represent a cancer that has touched their lives in some way, either through family, friends, etc.


Frankie Brewer wins Rotary Chili Feast car

WINNER OF THE NEW CAR in the Highlands Rotary Club Chili Feast Raffle was Frankie Brewer, center, with Gene Lenamond. Pictured with the winners are some of the Rotarians that helped with the Chili Feast. L to R, Teresa Martin, Tricia Scott, Denise Smith, Andy Scott, Sheila McDonald, Delana Matthews, Irene Adcox, and Charlie Ward.

HIGHLANDS – Hundreds of enthusiastic local residents gathered last Saturday for the annual Rotary Club Chili Feast.

For the second year in a row, the winner of the new vehicle in the Chili Feast Raffle was a walk-in, buying their $100 ticket at the door. Actually, Frankie Brewer and Gene Lenamond bought five tickets, and one of them turned out to be the lucky one.

The Rotary Club’s 44th Annual Chili Feast was a great success, according to officials with the club. President-elect Sheila McDonald made a report to the club at their luncheon on Tuesday, reporting that the gross receipts for the event are in line with previous years, even though the attendance and ticket sales were down slightly.

The club grossed about $88,000, and netted about $54,000, according to treasurer Tricia Scott. This money will be used throughout the year for local community projects and support for organizations, scholarships, and international aid projects.

McDonald was the chairman of the Chili Feast, which is put on with the help of the scouts, local interact clubs, and wives of the Rotarians.

Top ticket sellers again this year were Betty Brewer, Weston Cotten, Jerry Fallin, and Patricia Scott.

Rick Loggins was the auctioneer for the Live Auction.

As the raffle drawing progressed, anticipation grew as to who would win the new vehicle, the top prize in the raffle. When the last number was drawn, the winner was Baytown resident Frankie Brewer, with Gene Lenamond.


Crosby Firefighters recognized for heroics

2018 Firefighter of the Year, Anthony Guzzo receives the Firefighter of the Year Award from Chief Alan Kulak.

CROSBY – At the 2019 Crosby Volunteer Fire Awards, a series of heroics were recognized. Additional photos can be found in the print edition.

2018 Officer of the Year, Russell White presented by Chief Alan Kulak.

According to Randy Foster of ESD 80, next week an inspection will be performed on a new Tanker 83; the department finally got a check for their services from FEMA for work during Hurricane Harvey; the project was closed out last November. Foster noted the accomplishment of lowered response times this past year.


Eagleton working Best Practices

Precinct 3 Constable Sherman Eagleton stands behind new Assistant Chief B. Jorey Herrscher, Captain Issac Villarreal, Captain Henry Elkin, legendary Sergeant Terry Ganey, Major Rick Larkin, Chief Deputy Kirk Bonsal having come from the District Attorney’s Office, Major David Jones, out front is Harris County Sheriff’s Office Director Jacqueline D. Fortune of the Community Engagement Division at the Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce luncheon at Stonebridge at Newport Clubhouse. Over a century and a half of law enforcement experience at one table.

NEWPORT – Precinct 3 Constable Sherman Eagleton introduced his executive staff and plans to bring better than better law enforcement to locals last Thursday, January 17 at Stonebridge in Newport.

First, he always thanks those that voted for him. The achievement of putting 15 more deputies in the Precinct without increasing costs. He seems most proud to have achieved the Best Practices standard he set for Precinct 3 even before taking office and shared the credit with the officers that help make it a reality. His precinct made over 5,000 high water rescues during hurricane Harvey. The Precinct accrued over $5,000,000 worth of high water equipment at no cost to the local tax roles.

Eagleton explained how his units are being proactive, not reactive to interdict crime. He initiated an Environmental Patrol concerned with those that make messes like dumping trash or creating poisonous situations.


Chili Feast set for Feb. 2

These Lady Rotarians remind you to buy your ticket while there are still a few available, to the Rotary Chili Feast, scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 2 at the Catholic Church social hall. Pictured Denise Smith, Sheila McDonald, Betty Brewer, Rose Smith, and Patricia Scott. You can contact any of these ladies or other Rotarians and local businesses. A limited number of tickets may be available at the door on Saturday. First Prize in the raffle is a new car from Turner Chevrolet.

Judge Lucia Bates starts term with open house reception

Open House guests in Baytown at the office of newly elected Justice of Peace Lucia Bates. Seen are Pct. chair Hunter, State Rep. Carol Alvarado, Judge Bates, Former Constable Ken Jones, Former JP Tony Polumbo, and former Mayor Pete Alfaro. Congrats Judge Bates!

BAYTOWN – A meet and greet for Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 Position 2 Lucia Bates brought in some local legends to wish her well last Saturday.

Mike Parrott, Tony Polumbo, Ken Jones, Pete Alfaro and Jason Rabelais came out to hear the new J.P. talk of working with young girls from her position — as her partner Joe Stephens, Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 Position 1, works with boys. She was later joined by Precinct 3 Constable Sherman Eagleton. Among other ideas expressed was that although misdemeanors bring youth into contact with the Justices the experience need not necessarily be punitive but an opportunity to grow and develop.


Engineers hear public on Crosby drain project

Crosby residents carefully examine the graphic depiction of the neighborhood across the street from the Methodist Church on Runneburg to see the impact of floodwater in that neighborhood. Mike Foster of Harris County Emergency Management and ESD#80 talks with Jeremy Phillips of Harris County Precinct 2 Engineering.

CROSBY – On January 15 the Harris County Flood Control District held a meeting to inform the public about partnering with the Harris County Engineering Department to address flooding issues in residential neighborhoods in unincorporated regions of Harris County with focus on stormwater drainage improvements and to receive input from the public.

Voters approved $2.5 billion in bonds to finance flood damage reduction projects within the county. The county is moving forward with planning and construction of projects with bond funding, making effort to make transparent those projects to residents.

This meeting was entitled Crosby MUD/Township Drainage Project and is listed on the Harris County Flood Control District website as HCFCD Bond Project E-12. Information can be obtained and comments made at the district’s website.


Moving forth, Davis greets Crosby folks

Crosby ISD Superintendent Scott Davis shares his philosophy and evaluations of the strengths and perils of the Crosby District on the high school auditorium stage with seven new, donated Magnolia trees for seven campuses as backdrop.

CROSBY – On Monday night, about 75 people heard Superintendent Scott Davis present an oration concerning his views on the community and education, with blessed assurance that “the worst of the financial exigency is over.”

Against a backdrop of seven new Magnolia trees that were donated to the school, Scott Davis used the trees to illustrate the potential blooming of the seven campuses of Crosby ISD.

It must have been a long school day for the latest Superintendent, as nothing is harder than moving, and the administrative offices are still relocating to office spaces at the High School and the Crosby ISD Operations Center. The Runneburg Admin. Building is now in need of structural repairs that are simply not feasible at this time. A plan to relocate staff from the current administration building to offices in other buildings with minimal cost implications is in effect. The old Admin. Building was to be an in-district discipline school, per the last bond.

Attendees of the convocation learned that Scott Davis has an extensive educational background and that he believes that he is now where he is supposed to be.

He admires Crosby’s dedication to good manners. He believes that the character shown by this community is one of the reasons that Crosby is already starting to overcome the financial challenges he discovered upon arrival.


Huffman shorts shoddy, late work

HUFFMAN – The local school district entered a contract to have its new elementary school finished this past July. As the project stands today with half a school year gone by, an incomplete building with what the administration believes are serious construction defects is all Huffman ISD finds for the contract.

The public first became aware of the controversy and issues when contractors complained that they were owed over $4,000,000 for the contract work. A lawsuit has now been joined and District indicated it was disappointed that Paradigm chose this step, and the District disputes the allegations contained in the lawsuit.

Like many small districts, Huffman ISD hired an owner’s representative with construction expertise to protect the school district on building projects. The job of actually building Falcon Ridge Elementary School was given to the contractor, Paradigm. Huffman ISD intends to hold Paradigm to the contract the parties entered.


Clothe-A-Child brings Christmas to 600+ families

Pastor Keenan Smith adds words of inspiration to host family and volunteers from D.P.S and Prison Guards just before everyone is released inside the local Wal-Mart early this week to grab about $100 in clothes for school and later get a toy provided by the parade drive last weekend.

Smith indicates that host families are down some from last year, but over 200 families in Atascocita on Monday and over 600 in Crosby were assisted by the effort based on needs determined by local schools.