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Crosby crowns 2018 Homecoming King and Queen

Crosby High School announced Senior Dayton Berezoski as King and Senior Maggie Hearn as Queen of the Homecoming King and Queen contest. The halftime announcement was made at the annual Highway 90 Showdown football game between the Crosby High School Cougars and the Dayton Broncos. Crosby won 56 to 41. (Photo by Allan Jamail)


By Allan Jamail

Crosby, TX. – Friday, October 5, 2018 there was a rumble in “The Jungle” as the Crosby Cougars and Dayton Broncos displayed a thrilling offensive performance with 14 touchdowns to the near capacity crowd for bragging rights as it’s been billed as, “The Highway 90 Showdown.”

As you enter the new two year old Cougar stadium their welcoming message reads, “Welcome to the Jungle.

The Broncos came out ready to rumble scoring first, using just three plays in two offensive drives to lead 13 – 0 early in the first quarter.

At the end of the first quarter Dayton led 13 to 7. But then Crosby gained their composure, scoring four touchdowns in the second quarter to lead at halftime 35 – 20.

In the third and fourth quarter the rumble continued with both teams scoring three touchdowns each. A 97 point high scoring game ended with the Cougars remaining undefeated having 15 more points than the Broncos 56 – 41.

The rivalry matchup began in 1923 between the two Highway 90 rivals. Last year Crosby won at Dayton, again a high scoring game of 96 points, Crosby won 69 to 27.

Crosby’s Coach Jeff Riordan who in 2012 came from Sulphur Springs High School as offensive coordinator and now serves as both head coach and athletic director of the Cougars said, “We are 6 – 0 and not near where we can be,” Riordan said. “We have lots to fix and improve on. We are a really good football team that will only get better.”


Cougars nip Manvel 49-47

Jaiden Howard reels in the game winner with
only seconds left on the clock.

CROSBY – The Crosby Cougars won a come from behind last minute Hail Mary innovation to defeat the perennial state contenders Manvel Mavericks last Friday by a score of 49-47.

It was looking dangerously light near the end of the first quarter with Manvel up by three touchdowns when Crosby quarterback Jaiden Howard found Mathew Fagnana in the clear and launched his first strike to grab 6 points with 46 seconds left. Normally, the extra point is an also but in this game each was critical.

The Cougar defense deserves some high praise for holding the giant player laden Mavericks in the second quarter to a single touchdown while the Cougars snatched another touchdown and a field goal. Honorable mention should go to Noel Wright, Hunter Bailey and Zack Simon in those efforts.


Crosby evens up last Season

Crosby 28, New Caney 14

PORTER – It may be poor revenge to steal away with the season opener, against shutting down someone’s season. But it looked sweet when the Crosby Cougars defeated the New Caney Eagles at Texan Stadium 28-14 last Friday.

So, Jaiden Howard has returned with a penchant for converting third downs personally as quarterback. His attack would net a TD on the first drive. He would go seven of thirteen for 114 yards with two touchdowns and an interception passing last Friday. He would dash 130 yards in the game.


Stephens now President of Heart Screenings


The Cody Stephens Go Big or Go Home (GBOGH) Foundation is going big! The foundation is absorbing the Texas non-profit Who We Play For (WWPF) in order to directly screen young students’ hearts with electrocardiograms (ECG). The GBOGH foundation has been funding WWPF heart screening for a number of years, so this move just made sense to reduce duplication of efforts. Together, more than 100,000 students have been screened, with a large portion funded directly by the GBOGH Foundation.

The GBOGH Foundation will have five employees immediately with the charge of screening all of Texas. For the first year of participation, school districts new to the screening program, are offered a free and optional ECG heart screening to those students that are required to have a sports physical. Thereafter, there’s a $20.00 charge for an ECG.

“This program is not about stopping students from playing their respective sports, but just allowing them the opportunity to make sure their hearts are healthy before participation,” said Scott Stephens, Cody’s Dad and co-founder of the GBOGH Foundation. “The current sports physicals use a stethoscope to check the students’ hearts. This technology is 200 years old. We can do better by testing our students’ hearts with computers (ECG machines) and allowing the advances made in modern medicine find these unknown heart conditions.”

The current history and physical and stethoscope is said to find about 3% of the conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac arrest whereas by adding a 5 minute, $20 ECG we can find about 86% of the causes of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

It is the goal of the Cody Stephens Go Big or go Home Foundation to be the largest Non-profit screening organization in the USA. Currently, we are the largest in Texas, but in order to honor Cody Stephens words to his dad before he left us we believe we should be the largest in the USA.

In order to achieve this goal we are having a fundraiser at the Crosby American Legion Hall on August 25, 2018 at 7 pm. Tickets are $50 per person (tables of 8 for $400) at


Crosby overpowers Caney Creek 64-0

CONROE – It was a good night for the Crosby Cougars, as they blanked the Caney Creek Panthers by a score of 64-0.

The Cougars jumped off to an early lead and never looked back. The Crosby offense showed some amazing plays, with a 55 yard touchdown pass from quarterback Mannie Netherly to Terryl Wiley.

Still in the first quarter, this score was followed 3 minutes later by a 58 yard touchdown run by Carlos Grace.

Fans were thrilled by the strong offensive play. Another outstanding play occured in the second quarter, when Netherly hit Gray-Brooks with a 95 yard TD pass.

The Cougars took a 42-0 lead into the second half, and didn’t wait lo0ng to score again, with a 50 yard run by Terryl Willey.

Crosby is now 3-1 in District 21-5A play, and 4-2 overall. Next Friday they play Dayton in Crosby.

Crosby Cougars return in triumph, injuries test depth of offense

CROSBY – Houston Heights Bulldogs 6-A walked into The Jungle fully looking an average six inches taller and filling their pads out more than the Cougars but the first quarter taught everybody who was dominant.

The Bulldog’s opening off-side easterly kick resulted in the Cougars taking possession on their 48 yardline.

Quarterback Mannie Netherly marshaled a 22 point first quarter before being finally injured in the opening of the second. It only took about half a minute and two downs for the Cougars to score first. Netherly screened to Terrence Wiley for 45 yards. Mannie’s second play of the game scored because he put a runner, Carlos Grace, where there were no defenders. The sprint to the goal stunned everyone following the backfield dazzle.

The Cougars’ defense was phenomenal, swiping a goal line pass, shutting down the run – playing keep away for four quarters minus one minute exactly. That’s when a Bulldog pass finally got their only score and with no extra point. That pass was very much like the interception in the third quarter, straight over the center. Plus, the Cougars snatched up four fumbles. The first fumble set up Netherly to Craig Williams on a 12 yard touchdown. However, the Bulldogs were ferocious now and it looked like they were holding the Cougars but Netherly showed why LSU pick him early. From fourth down and long yardage, Netherly sprinted 44 yards to touchdown. Cougar runners were reading the plays and taking advantage of mistakes and the Cougar defense did the same. There was four and a half minutes left in the first quarter after that scoring spree and a long time to go.

The Bulldog offense were as frustrated as the man with his new bride stuck in the hotel’s revolving doors. But, they had a defense, too, in spite of the implications of the first quarter.

“I feel good,” said Coach Jeff Riordan, “I had figured we would struggle the first quarter and a half because they really are a good team, like Manvil-very good on defense. We executed some plays early, plays we had been working on from film, that we knew we could get. Had some injuries then. Some guys stepped up and played solid. I am really excited for the team, excited for the defense. Last week too; our defense has put us in a spot to win some ballgames.”

Half the third quarter elapsed without incident when Crosby got a midfield goal.

When asked about the injuries to his first two quarterbacks Riordan said, “The thing about this team is that we have guys that can step up. Mannie went down and Jake Howard came in and then Jake went down and Alex Louis came in stepping up. We do what we have to do. It’s good to have kids that prepare so that if their number is called they are ready to go. “

Barbers Hill Eagles come to town Friday at 7:00 p.m. bringing District play after swatting Santa Fe 54-13.

C.E.King defeats Crosby 28-21; playoffs next

HOUSTON – The Cougars were outscored by C.E. King Panthers by a single touchdown but the struggle for 21-5A continues.

The result of the Nov. 7 Game of the Year did not yield the first time Crosby went undefeated since 1947 but did make the district conflict score 9-1 for both the Cougars and the Panthers. Co-District Champs with C.E. King, the top four teams go to play-offs. C.E. King is holding number one seed, Crosby number 2, Dayton number 3 and Kingwood Park is number 4. Crosby plays Beaumont Ozen Thursday at Channelview’s Maddry Stadium at 7:00 p.m.

C.E. King’s Jonathan Brantley passed for a 21 yard touchdown to Desmond Coleman to break the defensive stalemate half way though the first quarter.

The second quarter was all Crosby on defense and two touchdowns. Tristan Cotton handed Carlos Grace a seven yard run to equal the score. Craig Williams would catch a fabulous pass from Tristan Cotton and put Crosby up by seven at the half.

But #3, Trayveon Williams of the Panthers, was much like catching a greased pig at the hillbilly fair, he emerged from a cloud of red and white still charging throughout the third and fourth quarter. C.E. King’s Panthers would make three touchdowns in a row. Williams would end up with 239 yards.

Not that Crosby’s defense was lacking, A. Brown pulled down an interception that would put C.E. King off of their air war for several downs.

When minutes counted, just eight left, Cotton would connect with Trevian Edwards on a short pass after a long drive to pull within seven.

The game all came down to a snap over Cotton’s head that lost 15 yards. It was something unfamiliar for Crosby a set back at a critical time.

According to Coach Riordan, “I’m very proud of how our team competed, they played very hard. They had a real good team. We gave them a run for their money, we were ahead at half time, just couldn’t hold on. We still haven’t played our best game yet. We are waiting to peak, it would be a good time to peak right now, right as we start the playoffs. We are excited because the kids came back hungry to work this week. Nobody likes to lose but sometimes a lose will wake you up a little bit.”

Cougars scratch Broncs 41-35 in overtime

CROSBY – Cougar Field became hallowed ground where the greatest high school football game ever was meet and the Cougars emerged victorious 41 to 35 last Friday.

Cougar Coach Jeff Riordan would comment after the game, “We made as many mistakes as we could and still win against a very good team. We have to stop shooting ourselves in the foot.”

He probably means that the number of times yellow flags hit the gridiron was significant. It certainly was common.

There was an eternal pause early in the game as the score was 0-7 before the end of the first five minutes. It would take the rest of the first quarter for Crosby to put 7 on the board, too. That score came at the end of a dramatic defensive duel.

The Cougars would take the lead for much of the rest of the game after Craig Williams would pull a 41 yard dash early in the second quarter.

With about two minutes to go in the half the Broncos would answer the seven points with two field goals. Half time was a fine show of talent on both sides reflected in the 14-13 scoreboard.

Dayton was holding the initiative but staggered by a determined Cougars defense. As the second half opened, the Broncos would score a touchdown on an incredible series of passes intermixed with fragile attempts to run and a bunch of call backs of first downs for the Cougars. Crosby would suffer 14 penalties at 126 yards back from the line of scrimmage but it would be more than 200 from the place the Cougar runner was taken down back to the penalty mark. Dayton would have 6 for 67 yards, including a single facemask called.

Then the Cougars got their second wind and inside 30 play action seconds later would push in C. Williams at three yards after a dazzling 24 yard set up play. Just four minutes later Carlos Grace blitzed 10 yards unscathed amid a flurry of Bronco white and blue.

Crosby would rack up 21 points in the third quarter and would need everyone of them. It was Carlos Grace again with a sky-grab from 10 yards out turn and run 18 more yards that would get the points.

Trevor Larkin would catch three passes on the night to gain 99 yards for his team when they were needed most. Tristan Cotton would throw 22 times, connect for 9 but get picked three times with intermittent high pressure from the Bronco rush. There was no question that the third quarter was all Cougars.’ Convincing was T. Perry nabbing an interception and breaking initiative back to the Cougars.

The Cougars it seemed had relegated the Broncos to the ground but the Broncos pulled every type of run imaginable burning up the fourth quarter until just 9 minutes were left. The Broncos Kyle McBride would carry the ball 11 yards himself to get a touchdown fifteen seconds later. Then he would make two more points by catching a pass from Keandre Rose. The Cougars appeared stunned by the dazzling mix of plays the Broncos were running. After two attempts to get traction the Cougars had to give the ball up to the Broncos again and with 16 seconds left, the Broncos would tie the score on a pass from Baughman to Jacarius Keener.

The Cougars had amassed 289 yards to 186 on the ground and were behind 159 to 179 passing. As overtime began the Cougar defense was wiser and wilder in shutting down the run. The Cougars would hand off to Grace from fifteen yards out for his third touchdown with a lot of blocking and an open path to the goal.

When it was Dayton’s time they had already shown all their run plays and came up four inches short on their fourth down