BH Students create award-winning agriscience project

Barber's Hill High seniors Ali Steadham and Brian Bender show off their project.

Recently, two students of the Barbers Hill FFA Chapter, participated in the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, Agri-Science Fair.
Both seniors, Brian Bender and Ali Steadham conducted their research over the chapter tilapia fish project. Since November, the Agriculture Department has been utilizing the High School greenhouse corner for the project.
Using three 350-gallon polytanks for the fish. The drop tier system will provide the needed oxygen levels.

The third tanks flows into three gutters which provide growth space for cuttings, seedlings and our tomatoes. The gutters drain into a cattle water trough filled with plastic coke rings and algae to clean the water for the next step.
The cattle trough has a PVC pipe riser with a screen that allows only the top level to drain into a lower trough, much like a live well in a boat.
A sump pump is in the lower tank that cycles the water back up to the highest level tank to start the process all over again.
They have placed first in District, 4th in Area and 3rd overall at the San Antonio Show & Rodeo event. The project will continue throughout the school year with a fish fry and fresh tomatoes. To see our project in progress click on