‘Back to school’ means back to fundraising

School has started or about to, standby for the kids to start hitting you up to buy this that and the other for their schools fund raising activities.
Had one kid come to the house one year and when I opened the door, the child said, “You don’t want to buy any of this do you?” Seems to me the kids do not want to be out selling that stuff, cain’t be any harder than selling Grit.
It’s the parents that end up selling most of the school fund raiser products; some of the chocolates good stuff too.
Just hope the kids catch me and not come knocking when the Mrs. is home. That woman has a soft heart and is of the opinion money grows on trees when it comes to kids selling stuff door to door. No ain’t in her vocabulary…at that time.
One would think as much money as we pay in school taxes that sending the kids out to peddle wares would not be necessary.

Schools have too many chiefs now. Believe they call them administrators, but no matter, they are too top heavy.
Instead of administrating, they should spend more time educating the kids and teaching them some couth and manners. While they are at it, bring back the paddle.
Folks who don’t want their kids spanked, should be responsible for what their kid does.
I remember well the principal (administrator) of my school used to tear my rear end up on more than one occasion
Had one of the twins with me yesterday while driving by the mall; he made a comment about this side of Houston being just out of the hustle and bustle of things and looked over at the San Jacinto Mall. He said, “Just think, one day all this will belong to Goose Creek School District.” He was trying to be funny and the funny thing about it is he is probably right. Funny but true?
Picked peppers this morning, got enough to make a hot relish ending up with four pints. Ate some on a cracker, all I could taste was hot.