Mont Belvieu voters approve Eagle Dr. bonds

MONT BELVIEU– Voters spoke out in favor of improvements to Eagle Drive, and approved an $11 million dollar bond package. Work will include drainage improvements, water and sewer work. However, this will impact the tax rate, which is expected to increase by 5.8 cents to 44.5 cents per $100 valuation. It is now at 38.7 cents.
The vote tally was 192 votes (62.7%) in favor of the bonds, and 114 (37.3%) against.
In East Chambers ISD, two propositions were approved. These include Proposition 1, a $6 million bond to renovate existing school facilities, and to add new classrooms to the elementary. The vote was 361 For (62.3%) 218 Against (37.7%).
Also, proposition 2 for $3.5 million was approved, for a new gym to replace the existing one, which lacks air conditioning. The vote was 319 For (54.6%), and 265 Against (45.4%).
In Liberty County, Dayton voters approved bonds for 3 propositions. These include $11.92 million for a library, community center and street improvements. The two buildings will probably be built together as one, allowing more meeting space and a senior citizens center. The vote was 310 (60.1%) For, 206 (39.9%) Against.
Proposition 2 is for $795,000 for street and drainage improvements on Lover’s lane and South Cleveland streets. Votes were 300 (58.6%) For, 212 (41.4%) Against.

Proposition 3 is for $1.2 million for utility improvements in the same area. All of these were approved, and the city’s tax rate will increase by 8.89 cents over the present 63.49 cents. The vote was 284 (55.8%) For, 225 (44.2%) Against.
Harris County voters didn’t bother to go to the polls this year, with no major issues or candidates on the ballot. The final tally was less than 10% of the eligible voters, according to officials.
Those that did cast ballots approved the 16 state amendments to the constitution. This includes bonds for public works projects such as new roads, jails and parks, and money for repairs to the Battleship Texas in Deer Park and a statewide Cancer Institute at the price of $3 billion. Additionally, Proposition 16 for the Texas Water Development Board is expected to bring water and sewer to many urban and rural counties such as Harris, Chambers and Liberty.
Voters in Baytown approved five out of six proposals. They defeated the bonds to improve Texas Avenue, but approved other improvements for streets, police and fire, parks and recreation, the extension of East Baker Road, and drainage improvements.
In the City of Houston, Mayor Bill White was re-elected to his final 3rd term by an overwhelming margin of 86%. The popular mayor is expected to run for state or national office after this term. The strongest vote getter appears to be Councilman Peter Brown, with 99% of the vote in his At-large position.
Houston voters also approved the HISD $805 million bond package, for new schools and repairs to existing ones, but by a very narrow margin of 51% For. The issue had met a lot of opposition from minority voters who wanted more money allocated for their schools.
Harris County and Port Authority bonds passed by a small margin, with the exception of a bond issue for a new jail, which was defeated. East Harris County is expected to benefit from some of this new bond money. Commissioner Sylvia Garcia has spoken in favor of a new County Hospital and a library for Highlands as possibilities.