Copper theft robs MB of phone service

MONT BELVIEU– More than 1,300 Verizon phones customers lost power on Nov., 30 when a section of phone cable was stolen in Mont Belvieu.
The theft was discovered when Verizon received a disruption alarm in the 1200 lock of FM 565. When crews arrived them discovered 70’ of 1800 stalpeth phone cable line missing. It is believed that a person or persons climbed the poles and cut the wire in order to resell it or scrap copper.
Copper thefts have been commonplace for Verizon. Between Oct. 9 and 16 there were five separate incidents of phone cable theft in the Crosby and Huffman areas alone. Verizon said that, to date, they have lost over $350,000 to copper thieves over the last two months.
The theft follows a nationwide trend which has developed this year. The Harris County Sheriff’s office said that they saw a spike in air conditioner thefts during the spring and summer months.
On Nov. 3 members of Grace United Methodist Church of Baytown were preparing food for a Men’s Breakfast when the caught a copper thief who had ridden to the church on a bicycle and was attempting to cut the wires in an outside conduit when he was observed.