West Chambers County assigned new 77523 ZIP code

MONT BELVIEU— The much anticipate new ZIP Code for West Chambers County was announced last week.
The new ZIP (Zone Improvement Pan) Code for Mont Belvieu, Beach City, Cove and parts of Old River-Winfree will be 77533.
West Chambers County Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board Guido Persiani said that the postal service has agreed to repeated requests for a ZIP code for street addresses within the city.
“The new Zip Code has been approved and will go into effect July 1, 2008,” said Persiani, who is also mayor of Beach City. He added that beginning May 15, the postal service will send mailer to all addresses affected by the change.
Missy Malechek, president of the chamber, said that they have been fighting with the postal service for 15 years to get a new ZIP code and that she was happy to see all of their work come to fruition.
The biggest obstacle for Mont Belvieu, she said, was the current post office on Eagle Drive was not largest enough to handle to additional staff and vehicles needed for street delivery. The postal service solved this problem by continuing to use Baytown’s main office as a processing center for mail going into Chambers County.
The post service will also post information at the local post offices.
While Mont Belvieu residents can rest a postal box and receive the 77580 ZIP code, street delivery is another matter. Currently some businesses and residents on Highway 146 are assigned a Baytown ZIP code. There is no street delivery outside the Baytown ZIP Code.