Talkin’ birds…

Went to old Saw Bones a while back, he has me to where I can walk like Grandpa Amos McCoy if you ever watched him on the tube.

School is starting and so does this year’s dove season. Got an invite to go to Uvalde, Texas to hunt the birds but due to partial blindness in the shooting eye, it makes it impossible to see the end of the gun matched with the bird, much less hit a flying object.

Told my friend who is the ramrod of the hunt about my predicament, he said to come on down anyway, we would love to have your company and besides, you might not be able to shoot but you could shag birds for us.

Put the hummingbird feeders out yesterday, there were four hummers in a little over an hour taking a drink of the sugar water. Remember, the ratio for hummingbird water is four cups water to one cup of sugar and it does not have to be colored. Tis the time of the year if you feed the hummingbirds.

As far as Labor Day weekend, there will be no labor here except a little mowing and a few kitchen details, which I is the cook; she is the chief bottle washer.

We will eat bird, yard bird that is. If it ain’t real hot outside, I fire up the oven and do some Shake’N Bake skinless thighs or whatever looks good in the store.

Most folks are picky on what piece of chicken they get and how it is cooked and so on.

Some say they eat nothing but white meat, while others say, give them dark meat because it is juicier.

Had a fried chicken dinner at my mother’s twin sister’s house once with her two girls. The chicken was passed around the little table that where all sat.

I was the runt of the bunch and when the chicken came around, I forked a nice looking piece of fried chicken that turned out to be the back. Do you know how much meat there is on the back of a chicken?

If there were not vegetables and all, I would not have had a lot to eat.

Before we all began to eat, ole cousin grabbed up a little piece of fried chicken and said this is my favorite piece of chicken and proceeded to eat it up.

Turns out, she had gotten the fried tailpiece of the chicken AKA the butt. They all got a laugh out of it, but I did not know any different at that age.

She evidently thought it was the pulley bone or anything better than the fried back piece.