Liberty Co. Sheriff opens office in Dayton

DAYTON—The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office has made it easier for citizens to get in contact with a deputy as well as helping deputies become more efficient.
Last week Sheriff Henry Patterson announced the opening of an office in the Liberty County Courthouse Annex in Dayton on F.M. 1960.
The Sheriff’s is equipped with a desk, telephone, computer and printer which will allow Deputies assigned to the Dayton area to remain in the Dayton area for longer periods of time, Patterson said.
The office will not be staffed 24-hour hours a day, but with the equipment there it would eliminate the need to go to Cleveland or Liberty to file reports, make phone calls or access department records.
He added that they expect the office to help reduce extended response times to emergency calls in the Dayton area as Deputies can respond from the Dayton Annex in lieu of having to respond from the main station in Liberty.