Huge marijuana farm found in Liberty County

Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Deputies

A major marijuana-growing site was discovered near County Road 2050 in Liberty County, and authorities have been busy removing what they describe as millions of dollars worth of the illegal drug.

The site was originally located Oct. 18, when deputies from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Crime Suppression Unit arrived on the scene along with federal agents. Reports from the LCSO indicate this is the largest growing and cultivating operation ever seized in Liberty County History.

Sgt. Alexander of the LCSO said in reports that the street value of the found marijuana could be more than $4 million, and that at least 6,000 plants had been found on the scene. The site was very sophisticated, and included an irrigation system, artificial lighting, and exhaust and air conditioning systems.

Also found at the site were bunks for sleeping, guard posts, a kitchen and a gymnasium, authorities said.

Law enforcement personnel discovered multiple firearms and defensive measures put in place to protect the operation, as well as numerous animals and livestock, which the Houston SPCA volunteered to help with.

Though there is evidence that points to connection with a drug cartel, little information has been released as to who might be behind the growing operation. One arrest has been made on the scene; Logan Williamson was taken into custody on Oct. 23 by LCSO deputies for being in possession of drug paraphernalia.

As for now, the LCSO wants to remind all area residents to stay away from the scene, as numerous curious individuals have made their way there. “There is nothing remaining to see or obtain here,” said a statement from the office. “There are no souvenirs or remaining marijuana plants which may have been missed by the LCSO, State or Federal Agents.”

As for those who might have wanted to stop by and see if they could find any illegal substances left on the scene, the report states that “The pesticides and chemicals used by those involved in the marijuana operation are harmful and can even be deadly if consumed straight from the ground.”