Covestro and Mont Belvieu dedicate solar powered charging station at City Park

Covestro representatives and City Officials unveil charging station.
Covestro representatives and City Officials unveil charging station.

Residents of Mont Belvieu can now take a break in shade at its city park while harnessing energy from the sun to charge up their portable devices.

Thanks to a generous donation from Covestro, a new solar-powered charging station using state-of-the-art technology was unveiled Monday, January 21 with leaders from the city and the company.

“We encourage diverse thinking and creative problem solving that embodies Covestro’s new vision ‘to make the world a brighter place,’ which includes incorporating sustainability in every element of our strategy,” said Rod Herrick, Covestro Vice President and Site Manager. “This solar-powered charging station helps make the world we live in brighter by reducing our environmental impact and is a testament to our dedication to this effort.”

The picnic table-style installation seats four comfortably is located between the park’s playgrounds and splash pad and features a table with bench seats with a solar panel shade over the top.

The solar station is a fully engineered true off-grid solar powered charging station. It is equip with a power design that delivers dependable year round charging power even with days of cloudy weather.

The charging station has eight USB ports, four 120V outlets, timer-operated LED flood lights, and a charge meter that allows park patrons to check the current charge capacity of the unit. Park patrons can use it to support charging tablets, laptops, cameras and other electronic devices.

The solar-powered unit was unveiled as leaders ceremoniously plugged in their electronic devices utilizing the sun’s energy – even on the cloudy day.

“This is a wonderful addition to City Park and a true benefit to our residents. We are so thankful to Covestro for their partnership and support of this project,” said Mont Belvieu Mayor Nick Dixon.

For additional information, please contact Brian Ligon, Director of Communications and Marketing for the City of Mont Belvieu, at / 281-974-0384 or Jennifer Walsh, Head of Communications, Covestro Baytown at / 281-520- 8651.