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Dayton Man charged with shooting 5, Killing 3

Liberty County Sheriff’s deputies and Dayton police investigating one of the shooting scenes on County Road 4901.

DAYTON – A man is being charged with capital murder for shooting five people at three successive scenes in the vicinity of County Road 4901 that all began about 11:00 a.m., on Monday August 17.

Michael Wettstein, 60, that lives in a nearby cul-de-sac is jailed without bond pending arraignment for capital murder. He was said to have a swastika drawn on his forehead when taken into custody.

Michael Wettstein

According to Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Captain Ken DeFoor a lengthy investigation will be necessary to sort out many of the details. He also acknowledged the help of Dayton Police Department when taking Wettstein into custody.

Early on, reports indicated that Wettstein had telephoned the Sheriff’s office and claimed responsibility for the shooting. But when deputies arrived at the residence he was found hiding in the woods. He surrendered to officers without incident.

A shotgun and a rifle were discovered at the residence that might be related to the shootings.

It appears that the first shooting was of a dog at the home of Misty Herndon, 38. A grandmother, she was said to be a former girlfriend of Michael Wettstein, she was shot and killed. Also shot and killed was Richard Lamm, 56, at the residence on County Road 4901, near US 90, at the corner with FM 1413.

A man and his daughter heard someone approach from the rear of their homestead on an ATV and fire a shotgun. Both yelled at the person not to shoot as there were people there. To their surprise, it is said that Wettstein began an argument about dogs. Another shotgun blast rang out and both of them were struck by shot. Marvin Rumley, 66, and Amanda Rumley, 32 were transported to Houston by Lifeflight helicopters.

Deputies allege that Wettstein then killed Bruce Mercer, 59, in a house down the street, for unknown reason.