Public Input Wanted on Countywide Drainage Plan Study

Chambers County has been awarded a $6.2 million grant through the Texas Water Development Board Flood Infrastructure Fund. This is a 75/25 match grant and the County is partnering with the Cities of Mont Belvieu, Dayton, Liberty and Beach City, as well as WCID #5 to fund the match.

The purpose of this is to study all of the water that flows “to and through” Chambers County. The end product will be twofold: a comprehensive drainage plan of the entire County and a list of “shovel ready” projects that the County can use for future grant applications and budget planning.

We have been working on this grant for more than two years (the initial application was submitted in March 2020) and have gathered a substantial amount of information… but we are now turning to our public and asking that you share your knowledge with us.

Freese and Nichols, Inc. (our engineering contractor) has developed an online tool through which you can report areas that have been impacted by flooding in the past. After our recent public meeting, FNI has updated the tool to allow for the uploading of photos as well.

Please feel free to report issues that you have noticed or to share this information with others.

If you have questions regarding the tool or are having trouble, please email ChambersLibertyCounty

If you have questions about the grant, please feel free to respond and I will be happy to help.