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U.S. House of Representatives, 36th C.D. race

To the Editor,

My name is Phyllis Creagh and I am the mother of Pat Kasprzak, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives for the 36th Congressional District which includes the communities of Crosby and Highlands. My daughter and her husband, Dan have lived in Crosby for the past 33 years. My son-in-law, Dan is currently the President of the Crosby School Board and the Kasprzak family has been active in many facets of this community for over 3 decades. I was quite astonished and upset when I read your description of my daughter, Pat, in your 1/30/14 article about the upcoming primary election for this open seat as “Some Dude Kasprzak”. I consider such a remark about my daughter to be highly offensive and irresponsible. To think that our hometown newspaper would go out of its way to misinform the public about a long term resident of Crosby who is a congressional candidate with impressive experience as a high school teacher, attorney, and corporate banker is inexcusable.

As a member of the local press, you owe it to our community to report information about the upcoming Republican Primary in a fair and accurate manner. Your insensitive reference to my daughter as “Some Dude” indicates your dismissive attitude towards her as the only female candidate in a field of 12 seeking to be the next Republican nominee for Congress. Perhaps your readers would be interested to know that Texas has 36 members in the House of Representatives (second highest number in the nation) and currently only 3 are women. As women represent 49% of the population of the 36th district, it is time we send another woman to Washington, DC from the great state of Texas.

I am so proud of my daughter, Pat, for entering this race. I know her decision to run was not made easily because of the enormous amount of time, energy and financial resources it takes to compete at this level. However, Pat and her family are willing to do what it takes and only ask in return that your paper provide fair, honest and reliable information to the voters of our community who have an important decision to make at the Republican Primary on March 4.

Thank you.


Phyllis Creagh

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Star-Courier did not comment on the character of Ms. Kasprzak. We reported on the remarks made by the Ron Paul Forums on all 12 candidates for District 36, in an effort to provide some background information from a conservative source for the benefit of our readers. These views do not necessarily represent the views of this newspaper or its editors. As shown by publishing this letter, we welcome diverse opinions and will publish them when appropriate.

Thank you to witnesses of helicopter accident

Dear Editor,

Readers of the Highlands Star – Crosby Courier may remember a helicopter accident that occurred on the afternoon of September 10, 2012, near Crosby. A Robinson R-22 crashed near a pipeyard off Miller Road No. 2 and ten burst into flames. The accident killed the pilot, Christopher (“Chris”) Yeager, and his passenger, Joyce Ates.

The family of Chris Yeager would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to all of the witnesses who stopped, approached the burning helicopter, and tried to rescue the occupants. We want each of you to know that we appreciate your amazing courage and your kindness.

Although Chris and Joyce did not survive, we realize that you did your best trying to save them, even at the risk of your own lives. Your efforts will never be forgotten.

We would also like to thank everyone who called emergency personnel, assisted at the scene of the accident, provided information to investigators, prayed for these loved ones, or tried to help in any other way. God bless each and every one of you. We will forever keep you in our hearts and prayers.

Joseph and Paula Yeager

Lubbock, TX

To the editor & the public

As Commander of Crosby American Legion Post 658 and the membership, we wish to express our sincere thanks to our community. The first Eastside Veterans Celebration event was a very rewarding two days.

The Crosby-Huffman Chamber, local churches, Crosby Fair Assocation, Scout Packs, CISD ROTC, all BBQ cooking teams, parade participants, and many unnamed individuals all joined together for this successful undertaking.

It has made us so proud.

Bob L. Boyles

Appreciation for CISD

I want to personally thank and congratulate the 6 folks that ran for the Crosby Independent School Board. David Shaver, David Porter, Dr. James Hofmann, Gerald Blakenship, Carla Mills Winfont and Will Locke.

All of these citizens were volunteering their valuable time and resources to try and make this a better place to live and raise our children. I know 5 of the 6 folks and I honestly believe we could not have elected a bad one. This is a difficult job that has no paycheck at all. We owe the current, past and future school boards a debt of thanks.

Every citizen should get to know these folks. We should thank them every time we see them for trying to make this a better place to live for you, your children and grandchildren.

Mike Godsey with Godsey Insurance

To the electorate of CISD

Having served four elected terms, it has been my honor to serve the Crosby ISD since 1980. I want to thank all of you who supported me over the years as I tried my best to represent you and be a good steward of your taxpayers’ monies. I also want to thank all of the administrators, teachers, and school employees who work hard every day to educate our students for the future. I especially want to thank Dr. Keith Moore, who has and will continue to make great strides at raising the standards at Crosby ISD because he knows our students deserve it. It is with great pride that I can say that I was a part of a team who hired him.

I wish Dr. Hofmann the best as he starts his term as your new Crosby ISD trustee.


Gerald Blankenship

In support of school board candidate

To the residents of Crosby School District,

November 6, 2012, is election day for everything, from President of the United States to your local school board members.

Whomever you choose to vote for is your choice. But I would like to encourage residents of District 7 of the Crosby School District to vote for James Hofmann. He is a very concerned parent who has 3 children in our school system. His fourth graduated last spring from CHS and now attends Texas A&M. His wife is one of our fourth grade teachers. So you see how his interest is in making sure our students have a great aducation.

I also feel that board members who have children attending school make the best trustees.


Annie Michalsky


Sampson Lodge thanks those who supported the Shriner’s Hospitals

To the Citizens of Highlands and Crosby,

We would like to convey the appreciation from the Sampson Masonic Lodge to the Citizens of Highlands and Crosby, for their recent donations to the Shriner’s Hospitals when we collected funds from drivers.

All of these funds go to help support the Shriners Children’s Hospitals in Galveston and Houston.

On Yellow Apron Day, October 6th, we collected $3100 in Highlands and on October 10th we collected $2100 in Crosby.

Again, thank you to all who contributed to the support of these charitable hospitals.


Maurice Robbins

Sampson Lodge, Highlands

Drunk driving must stop before someone else dies

To the Editor,

On March 18, 2006 my daughter Jessica Ortiz, age 4, and my mother Karen McCollum, age 61, were killed by a drunk driver on Crosby-Eastgate Rd.

I would like to remind everyone that drunk drivers hurt and kill people. This is a problem that we need to do something about NOW!!!

Tammalyn McCollum-Ortiz

Residents urged to complete census survey

Dear Editor,

In March 2010, every Household across the nation will receive a census form required once every 10 years by the U.S. Constitution, the 2010 Census will count every man woman and child living in the United States.

Every year the federal government distributes more than $400 billion to tribal state and local governments based on census data. But a lack of participation can result in our community and nation receiving less federal funding and less access to important services and resources than we might otherwise have received.

Census data also are used to reapportion seats in Congress and assure proper district representation in state and local governments. An accurate count will help ensure the people in this community are fairly represented in ail levels of government.

During Census 2000, 59 percent of households in Chambers County returned their census forms by mail. Nationally, 72 percent did so as of the April 2000 cut-off I believe we can do even better in 2010. That’s why today I am issuing a challenge to everyone in Chambers County to take 10 minutes to participate in the census by answering the 10-question census form Together, we can create a better tomorrow for ourselves, our family and our community.

Jimmy Sylvia
Chambers County Judge

Thank you for being a conscientious citizen

To The Editor,

While traveling to the office on Monday August 24th, I encountered heavy traffic on Hwy 146 near the Hardin Elementary School. It was the first day of school and as one would expect, traffic was moving slowly. While sitting in line, I heard a knock on my passenger window and looked over to see a school age child standing outside my vehicle. The youngster, who I believe was a passenger in a car traveling behind me, advised me that there was a large amount of gasoline leaking from my vehicle.

I immediately pulled to the side of the highway and got out, noticing that there was indeed a serious leak at which time I called for a fire department unit to stand by until the fumes dispersed. My vehicle was towed and it was determined that a fuel line had ruptured.

I wanted to take a moment and thank the young person that was kind enough to bring the leak to my attention. I believe it was a male, however, in my haste to get the vehicle off the roadway as quickly as possible, I did not notice for certain if the young person was a male or female.

Regardless, I appreciate their taking the time to get out and notify me of the leak. This could have been a very dangerous situation had the gasoline ignited. Thank you for being a conscientious citizen, I really appreciate your help.

Tom Branch
Emergency Management
Liberty County

Hurricane Season is here

To the community,

The tropics have become a bit more active last week, with three areas of concern being monitored by the National Hurricane Center. These areas may or may not develop into serious tropical threats, however, now is the time to double check your disaster kit and make certain that you have all the supplies you need to sustain yourself for at least three days.

Water, non-perishable food items, medications, important papers, a nonelectric can opener, and personal hygiene items are just some of the things you should already have in your kit.

We will watch the systems and keep everyone advised if anything develops, all we ask is that you help us out by preparing now and not waiting until the last minute. If you have any questions regarding hurricane preparations, please feel free to call the Liberty County Office of Emergency Management at 936-334-3219.

Tom Branch
Emergency Management Coordinator
Liberty County, Texas