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President Biden tours Houston Relief sites

TOUR of the Harris County Emergency Center included L to R, Mayor Turner, Governor Abbott, President Joe Biden, and HC Judge Lina Hidalgo, explaining the details of operation in the emergency center.

HOUSTON – President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden traveled to Houston last Friday, February 26 as Harris County slowly recovers from the winter storm and power and water outages.

The president was greeted at Ellington Airfield when he landed by a delegation including Mayor Turner, Governor Abbott, and Congresspersons Al Green and Sheila Jackson Lee. They met with Gov. Greg Abbott at the FEMA vaccine super-site at NRG around 5 p.m. Friday. This will be Biden’s last stop after touring several locations, including the Houston Food Bank and the Harris County Emergency Management Center.

Biden earlier surveyed damage and recovery efforts following the deadly winter storm.

Local legislators safe after Capitol Riot

Rioters broke into the Capitol building while a joint session of Congress was taking place, to certify Joe Biden as president elect. Congresspersons and others in the room took shelter behind the seats, before they were evacuated to a safe room away from the intruders. ABOVE, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee crouches behind the seats, until she can make her way to safety

Trump blamed; SJLee, AGreen seek impeachment

WASHINGTON, DC – Congress was in joint session last Wednesday, meeting to certify the Electoral College votes from state electors for the president and vice-president. Shortly after the session started, a large crowd of about 8,000 persons left a rally near the White House where President Trump was speaking, and assembled at the Capitol, breaking through barriers and storming into the building.

What followed was a deadly riot, where Congress members had to be taken to safe locations away from the destruction and assault of the mob of demonstrators. Our legislators, including Sheila Jackson Lee, Sylvia Garcia, and Al Green, were just some of the local representatives that were led to safety.

These supporters of President Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol in a protest aimed at thwarting the vote on certification of the electors and their votes, with the aim of stopping the peaceful transfer of power to the new administration.