Cowboy Poet to direct dinner theater

Lloyd Shelby


It’s about time you stuck your head in and said howdy. I been missin’ you all… but my aim will get better! If you didn’t make it to the Madisonville Cowboy Gathering, you missed a great time. The whole event was under a large arena like our Crosby Rodeo Arena. There were a lot of great cowboy exhibits including a real chuckwagon, a saddle and tack maker, a knifemaker, a blacksmith, one of the best little horse trainers around, Jody Cunningham and some great live music and poetry. It was FREE. Good price!
Well, there’s a really good event coming up for you all who like good shows. This may sound far off, but trust me folks, it will be here before you know it, and it will be sold out. Your Horsefeathers writer is producing and directing a dinner theater show for the San Jacinto College North Campus on February 7, 8, and 9, 2003. There will only be 250 seats each night.
The show is called, “A Cowboy True”, and will include some great entertainers, the lead being yours truly with an extra special guest from California, Mr. Curly Musgrave. Curly, alone, is worth the price of admission, but there will be other singers and entertainment you are guaranteed to love. I’ll have more on this for you the next month or two, but be sure to mark your calendar for this special event, or you’ll be mad at your ownself!
A special Horsefeathers Howdy to Gladys Adcox for her kind letters. They are a pleasant treat. She reminded me of the story (someone told me it was true), about the Sunday morning when the preacher was gettin’ ready to step up to the pulpit, when the devil himself jumped up on the pulpit and glared at everyone. Well, the whole place emptied real quick except for one old man on the front pew. He was a’ grinning’ from ear to ear. The devil was a little surprised but quickly regained his composure and glared at the old timer as he asked, “Ain’t you a’ feared of me old man?” The old man just grinned even bigger and said, “Nope”. “Why not”, roared the devil? “Why, I been married to your sister for more ‘n thirty years”, replied the old man!
Then there was the time George Bush, Ariel Sharon and Bin Laden were walking together on the beach (don’t get too cerebral and try to figure how THAT could happen, just enjoy the story!). They came upon something sticking out of the sand and one picked it up and cleaned it off. It was a beautiful brass lamp, from which emerged a genie. Now please don’t get too far ahead of me here.
The genie told them he usually gave three wishes, but since there were three of them, each could have one wish. Bin Laden was his naturally lovable self and quickly said he was tired of the “infidels” bothering his Afghanistan and so he would use his wish to keep them out. His wish was for a wall to be put around Afghanistan with no windows or doors of any kind. The wall was to be five hundred feet tall and one hundred fifty feet thick. Solid, permanent. “It is done”, replied the genie and Bin Laden stalked off in glee.
Mr. Sharon simply asked for peace in Israel. “It is done”, replied the genie, and Mr. Sharon smiled.
George W. asked, “How big is that wall around Afghanistan? “One hundred fifty feet thick and five hundred feet tall, with no doors or windows” the genie replied.
W grinned his grin and said, “Fill it with water”! “It is done”, replied the genie. And the genie smiled back at W! Happy Trails, Lloyd