Medics claim Crosby’s ESD station is haunted

A 150 year old coffin sits inside the ESD station. It is used as a teaching device.

CROSBY– A spiral staircase ascends to a darkened and dusty room, suddenly electricity crackles an unintelligible attempt at communication, a droning hum is constant, a suspicious stain appears in the center– some rooms are born bad, others become bad but whatever wlaks above local rescue crews– walks alone.

The glaring, dully surprised look that any non-psychic can read from a busy man as, “Are you insane?” is the initial response of the Coordinator of Medical Services for ESD#5, Cary Avey’s, to the question “Is your ESD#5 Station House on FM2100 haunted?”

Patiently, Avey answered that question with others, “Who told you about that stuff? Did you notice it’s a metal building; it’s going to make noises as it heats up from the weather and contracts from the air conditioning inside. I’ve spent the night up there several months ago and didn’t get bothered”.