Crosby ISD eyes $38mil Bond Issue


CROSBY – School officials are hoping that just over half of the $73 million dollar estimate for the cost of renovating Crosby schools will be the amount taxpayers have to fund for the next school bond program.

Architects of CRE8 reviewed specifications for Crosby ISD Schools with a citizen’s committee at a meeting on Monday, March 3; the committee was disappointed to hear their recommendations totalled $73M.

The total list of recommendations by Crosby ISD’s Facility Planning Committee exceeded by twice the recommendations for expenditures by the schools financial advisor, Doug Whitt. Board members and Superintendent Don Hendrix understand the capacity for a new bond issue in the Crosby district is about $45 Million.

According to Hendrix, “Our goal now is to trim down to about $38 million total in construction as best we can with considerations for the needs of students for the next 12 years. The ceiling is going to be about $45 million. There are going to be 4 or 5 options for the Facility Planning Committee to review.”

According to Diane Fleming of Crosby ISD, the most needy school in Crosby ISD is Drew Intermediate and the “high dollar” recommendations were for Crosby High.

Expansion of the high school’s library was among recommendations by the committee.

Projected growth for Crosby schools over the next five years is expected to reach nearly 3%. There are about 4,300 students in Crosby ISD now.

The Facility Planning Committee meets again on Thursday to review the options on their recommendations. From their earlier report, they will review the most needed changes and determine which needs have the highest priority. Some needs have already been labeled “urgent.”

Priority will need to be set before March 19, when a final recommendation will be made to the Crosby ISD Board in time to make a May 3 vote.

The committee was comprised of 16 community leaders and four people chosen from the school district. The committee was Cindy Moffett, Tonyette Chenier, Don Cox, Melady Fontenot, Willie Mae Goodlow, Donna Heinlein, Marshal Lawfton, Stacy Lyons, Renee Martin, Woody Murray, Bob Powell, Jerry Prochazka, L.O. White and Tyronne Williams in addition to Michael Joseph, Principal of Newport Elementary and Committee Chairman, Jerry Blizzard of Crosby ISD’s Facility Department, Becky Lindsey for district wide representation, Donna Slot for transportation and Susan Blankenship from the faculty. One committee member was unable to attend the meetings due to health problems.