Neighborhood in Highlands fights to keep bar from opening

This building at San Jacinto Street and Magnolia

HIGHLANDS– A petition is circulating in this community, with the intent of expressing opposition to a businessman’s plans to buy the old Hall Fabric Store on S. Magnolia Street, and open an establishment that would have a beer and wine license, and additionally have games and other diversions.

Marvin Smith has reportedly purchased the building from the previous owners, Hollis and Doris Hall, and petitioned the TABC for a license.

When adjacent homeowners learned of these plans, they contacted government representatives, including State Representative Joe Crabb, State Senator Jon Whitmire, and Congressman Chris Bell.

The opponents pointed out in their petitions that the building is next door to expensive residences, near a church, and at an intersection that serves as a school bus stop for small children.

However, it seems that the new owners have not violated any laws, and it is apparently not possible to stop the business from opening, they were advised.

This has not deterred the group from continuing their opposition, with the hope that the negative feelings will build up and stop the business. In addition to the petition, flyers have been distributed and meetings have been held with neighborhood groups, according to some of the participants.

Most recently the building has been used by Videos Tonite Scene II. However, it has been vacant for about a year.

Realtor for the transaction was Krisher-McKay of Baytown and Highlands.