Thoughts of an Old Georgia Boy

Could not work in the backyard yesterday like I had planned. Had to take the Mrs. for a ride to keep her happy, she told me the backyard work will be there tomorrow. Guess she got tired of sitting on the front porch and watching cars go by. There was a time when I did that at my grand folks place on Liberty Hill Road; you could hear a car coming for a long way from that house on a hill.

The Mrs. wanted to go see the bluebonnets and all the other wild flowers in the hill country around the Chappel Hill area. We made a slow wide loop admiring not only the flowers but also the layout of the land. Some places you could see way off for miles and the rolling hills were so pretty, clear blue sky with a little breeze.

Took notice of a lot of buzzards flying the thermals out that direction. By one large pond I noticed more than a dozen in the air and on shore by the pond was I’d bet over 30 or more. That has got to be their roosting area.

One of my buddies was telling me of them finding a buzzard’s roost when they were growing up in Del Rio. Said they came under the birds at night and disturbed them. He said the buzzards threw up on them. You know it is against the law to kill them. I have heard before of them doing that if you mess with them. Believe me, I know better.

Saw one nice spread while riding around, it too was on a hill off the winding road with a fenced in field that had a couple of little burrows frolicking around. I made a comment to the Mrs. that I would like to have something like that one day and a couple of the little jackasses. She looked at me like I was crazy but I would like two. I already have a couple of nice names for them when the time comes.

Noticed lots of cardinals and dove on this trip and I did see two-dogwood trees but no kudzu, or poke salad. Lots of dewberries in blossom also. The question came up about why people never tried to domesticate the cardinal, they re so pretty.

I did the driving and one would have thought she had brakes over in the passenger seat. She got right testy with me telling me not to say anything about her driving. I love it when she talks dirty to me.

From the Chappel Hill sausage to Houston’s Hickory Hollow BBQ chicken fried steak yesterday; the old gout is pounding in the big right toe today. Rich foods like that tear me up. Guess you could say I like it but it doesn’t like me.

Easter is this coming weekend then standby for a slow shift from nice weather to near hot to hot and it’ll be that way for the next five to six months.

Semper Paratus.