Lynchburg Ferry will close: Repairs require 3 mo., $800,000 – May 27 to Aug 25

LYNCHBURG– Harris County Precinct Two Commissioner Sylvia R. Garcia announced Friday that work will begin before the end of May on $830,000 worth of improvements to the historic Lynchburg Ferry.

Signs will be posted Monday, May 12 to inform motorists that ferry operations will be shut down at 9 a.m. May 27 and remain closed until August 25.

During that time, Sneed Shipbuilding, Inc. will repaint both ferryboats — the William P. Hobby and Ross S. Sterling — and also make structural repairs. While the ferryboats are being overhauled, NBG Constructors, Inc. will repair both the north and south landings. The work on the boats will cost $269,100 and the repairs to the landings will be $560,900. The work on the landings will consist of replacing broken and worn parts, rusting cables and wooden pilings.

Both projects were unanimously approved by Harris County Commissioners Court earlier this year. And, Commissioner Garcia said, both projects are being done at the same time so Precinct Two can cut down on the amount of time that the Lynchburg Ferry — a 24-hour operation — will be out of service.

“We know this closure will inconvenience some, but the result will be that taxpayers, motorists and the people of Precinct Two will have a better ferry service. That’s what matters,” said Commissioner Garcia, who started looking at ways to improve the ferry service after she took office on Jan. 1. “We have placed these projects on an aggressive timetable to limit the amount of time that this historic service will not be available.”

The Lynchburg Ferry has been around since 1822. It has been a Harris County operation since 1888 and, Commissioner Garcia said, it adds a rich layer of history to Precinct Two.

“That’s why these repairs are so important,” she said.” The Lynchburg Ferry is like a classic car. it has to be maintained with love and care so it can still be taken for a spin.”

After the ferry is operational again, Commissioner Garcia said she will meet with community leaders about the future of mobility in the region and what role the Lynchburg Ferry will play.

“We have to study a lot of options,” she said.” Mobility is a top concern for my constituents and the people of Harris County. The Lynchburg Ferry can be part of the solution. These repairs are the first step.”

While the ferry service is shut down, officials are recommending two alternate routes for motorists: the Washburn Tunnel and the Fred Hartman Bridge.