Voisin starts year with a win

HIGHLANDS– The pit area was full with new rigs, new boats and great anticipation for the new season. Many teams had spent countless hours testing, trying to improve luck or continue thier winning ways. After dominating last season, Vince Voisin was anxious to pick up where he left off.

Fifteen boats entered the event but a blown motor for Glyn Mathews knocked it down to fourteen on Saturday. Glyn will retun in Port Neches. Qualifying was a duel between Shaun Torrente, who would claim pole, and Voisin who laid down the lap to be early. Third fast was Darren Rube, who looked good all weekend in his new Bazooka Seebold.

With the field split down the middle, the first group went to battle for two back to back ten lap heats. Torrente won the first while Lucas Delaune overcame some problems to take the second. Taking two thirds was Devin Corbit’s Hafer Case Snap On Hoffman. The second group featured Voisin, Michael Schubert, Johnny Flemming, Ray Newman and others. Voisin won the first but didnt fire on the start of the second.

With the positions set for the final, they lined em up and blasted off. Voisin jumped out to a quick lead with Torrente right on his tail. As they settled into thier positions, the red flag came out and the race was stopped. Bouy missing. The course was fixed and the race was restarted. Launching off the dock again was Voisin who came around in front of the packed house out front again.

Michael Schubert looked strong in his Majek Gran Prix boat as well as Rube, Newman, and an exceptionally aggressive driving Mike Higginbotham who had the drive of the weekend to finish top five. As the field stretched out there were several great battles for position. At one point, turn four went missing and while the leader continued around the set path of the course, a few did not and were penalized, taking themselves out of the race.

At races end it was Voisin leading wire to wire, with Schubert, Rube, Newman, Higgy, Corbit, John Jorewicz, Torrente, newboy Kelly Kidwell, Curtis Nunez, Johnny Fleming and Robbie Murphy.