3 bodies found in hopper car at Cody Rail Yard


MCNAIR– Three bodies, which are believed to have been Mexican nationals who entered the country illegally were discovered Tuesday just after 8:30 a.m. in a Union Pacific railroad car near Cedar Bayou Lynchburg and Wade Roads.

According to Harris County Sheriff’s Department investigators the victims are believed to have boarded the train, which originated in Acapulco, in Spofford, Tx. with other aliens. As the train passed through Austin, two of those in the car made a makeshift cloth rope and was able to escape from the hopper rail car.

After the escape, the pair reportedly contacted a priest and told him that there were three others in the car who were suffering from heat exhaustion and were too weak to escape. The priest passed this information onto the Mexican Consulate in Houston who then notified authorities.

Law enforcement and workers with UP began searching the area for the car on Sunday. Authorities say that a railroad car with a homemade rope still dangling from the top was spotted at the Coady Railyard near McNair. When it was opened the grisly discovery was made.

As of press time the identify and cause of death of the three bodies had not been determined by medical examiners.

This was the first of two discoveries of alleged illegal aliens on Tuesday.

Just before 11 a.m. a suspicious truck was reported to Houston Police in the 6700 block of Ave. I in Southeast Houston. When police arrived they found four suspected illegals laying in the bed of a truck. Further investigation led them to a nearby shed where another 20 were found.

The suspects have been taken into custody by Houston Police.