Drugs from Canada…

Been reading about the cheap prices of medical drugs available in Canada so I asked my licensed and degreed pill pushing friend from Georgia what he thought of it; he’s a straight shooter with me and holds no punches.

Basically he thinks it is a good thing for the consumer as he is one also. Said you can ask any pharmacist and they will tell you that the US drug companies gouge the US public. He said the cost of name brand drugs increase 8 to 12% yearly while inflation is 2 – 4%; go figure. Additionally he said, the cost of an average of $8B to bring one drug to market while it appears the drug companies are trying to recoup all their expenses from the US while only nominally charging other countries.

He also mentioned the mucho much cheaper prices of Mexican drugs and no prescription is needed for most of them. HOWEVER there are almost no controls so you may buy out of date or contaminated drugs. In Canada the controls are much better than Mexico (but not as good as in the USA) so safety is not as big a concern.

I went to school with this Georgia boy and had no idea he could spell so many big words.

Anyway buyers beware and I’ll be the first one to say I told you so.

Did another first for me this morning by making or putting up pickled tomatoes. After reading numerous ways to put them up, I ended up doing it my way anyway. Never bought or used cider vinegar before and boy howdy does that stuff stink when heated.

I used very little cider vinegar in the pickled tomato produce and added some olive oil with whole Pearl onions and sliced Vidalia onions along with some cubed red bell pepper.

Started out with intentions of making one pint and ended up with a quart full by adding a little of this and a little of that. Did not want to make a lot because if it ain’t good, it’ll go to waste. I’ll let it sit in the cupboard until about November then break it open and sample it out with some speckled butter beans, boiled okra, cream corn, dead chicken and cornbread.

Some of the recipes I read would take up to four days to finish making pickled tomatoes but I ain’t got time to mess with all that; so hope I didn’t mess this one up too bad.

Also put up a pint of pepper sauce with the cider vinegar and one pint with white vinegar.

Managed to scrounge up a few green tomatoes and had enough for a small batch of chowchow. This has got to be the mildest batch ever made by me. Would you believe I only used three pods of cayenne pepper? I have made some with 751 pods and that was so hot I could not eat it. Even the Mrs. complained about that batch being so hot.

My green tomato crop has all but dried up now but with this little mess, it’ll make do for now.

This hot weather sure makes the hot pepper produce as I have plenty and some is hotter than a firecracker too.