Missing Superbowl Stage may be in Crosby


CROSBY — An abandoned truck and flatbed trailer which once held the stage used by Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake and was stolen from Houston was discovered in Crosby last week.

Harris County Sheriff’s investigators said that a blue 1995 Freightliner truck and flatbed trailer were found in the middle of the road, with the engine running, in the 400 block of McKinney.

The truck was traced back to a business on Maxey Road in Houston. The business’ owner, Lonnie Whitaker, said that the truck held the stage and other equipment from the show valued at $50,000. The stage alone was valued at $25,000, said Whitaker. The case was turned over to Houston PD’s Auto Theft Division for investigation.

Recently, a posting for an entry stage was posted on the Internet auction site Ebay.

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