Spring time brings chores

Generally when day light is burning, I like to be out in it as I was yesterday. Got a lot of chores done like post hole digging, pouring concrete, planting onions and fence straightening. Sounds like work? You bet! I am glad the rain ran me in the house this morning.

Got up early this morning and cut a half dollar size hole in the base of that Goose Neck Gourd that has finally dried out. I took a few seeds to some sod busters I know to see if they can grow their own gourds. Like I told them, I am not certain the seeds will make, as they were dark grayish black in color. Almost an ash color and I ain’t sure if they’re suppose to be like that or not. Good luck anyhow.

One of the gents has 62 tomatoes in the ground already and onions coming up in between the tomatoes. Tomatoes love onions they say. Four gardening spots this man has and some are bordered with 2 by 12 inch boards and some long ones at that. That is what you call a raised garden, duh.

Interesting gardener this one gent is. He had ordered some guineas and was raising them and they are great “guard dogs” if you know anything about guineas (birds). I inquired this morning about the new Dominique Rooster in the guinea’s pen area and he said that he had to get rid of the guineas because they dug up his potatoes.

It is a pretty rooster and did not cock-a-doodledoo any while I was there. You know some people call a Dominique chicken a Plymouth Rock chicken.

Anyway, this new rooster owner says a hen has showed up since he got the rooster and he does not know where it comes from but he’s gotten eggs.

Another of my gardening friends has 35 tomato plants set out in his garden and numerous ones in pots.

For them as well as myself, I sure hope we have had our last frost. Knock wood.

While shoring up a sagging fence yesterday, I came across an itty bitty brown snake. Don’t know what kind it was, didn’t want to stomp on it and ‘fraid to touch it even though was sound asleep. I lifted the entire plank it was on and held it up over the fence. I thumped it over the fence close to where I let that little mouse go.

Check this out. Last week in the big city paper there was a piece about a 52 year old man that ain’t had a bath in 10 years. Villagers got a hold of him and proceeded to give him a washing.

I believe I passed that same man in the grocery aisle store once. It hit me like a fog. I dang near passed out.