Rodeo concert acts announced

CROSBY – This year’s Crosby Fair & Rodeo Show not only will feature quality cowboys but will have outstanding Nashville Entertainers crooning excellent Country & Western Music.

Thursday, June 10, Patrick Murphy will lead for Chris Chitsey after P.R.C.A. Championship Rodeo. This is an exciting lead in to three nights of dust and blood with high caliber singing. Both Chitsey and Murphy are audience centered and highly interactive.

Both are gaining greatest respect for true heart expression.

Friday, June 11, is designated as College Night because the Crosby Fair & Rodeo Board has booked some of the fastest rising stars on the Texas College circuit. Cooder Graw, No Justice and Jason Boland means three lively bands are to bear a plethora of alternative country to the Rock’N C Arena. Alternative Country is much like Rock & Roll with a country flavor.

Saturday, June 12, is the wrap of the PRCA Championship in Crosby, the Rodeo Queen’s Contest but the kick off of some fabulous classic country performance. The stage charisma of Mark Chesnutt alone is worth twice the
price of the ticket, couple that with master guitarist and Western troubadour Jeff Bates and you have a full steam concert for any stage.

[For more about the artists and the shows, please see the paper copy of the Star Courier.]