Crosby VFD’s response to accidents often a necessity

Response to Mr. Price comments/article:

I have the following reponses to Mr. Joe Price’s comments that were in the Star Courier.

The CVFD is called when Law Enforcement Officers are called to a vehicle accident. The CVFD members provide Hazmat services, traffic control and equipment to remove injured victims from vehicles. The Law Enforcement Officers are not trained in Hazmat Services while the CVFD members are trained. The CVFD members spend many hours of training in Hazmat at ‘no’ cost to the taxpayers. The Law Officers do not carry ‘Jaws of Life’ or other equipment to open a damaged vehicle to remove injured parties so the CEMS can provide assistance and tend to any injuries.

The CVFD and CEMS members spend many, donated, fee, hours in training so that we the remainer of the public will be safer and or provided with their services. Both organizations require this training!!

Mr. Price is very uninformed of VFD & EMS requirements by the state. Mr.Price should attend CFVD and CEMS Board meetings to ask any questions and become better informed.

Also Mr. Price would learn that CVFD worked very hard and with much volanteer hours to provide facilities, equipment,services and members to lower Homeowner Insurance rates in the district. That means for all of us. He should contact his homeowners insurance provider.

I have been a CVFD Board member for many years and these volunteer Firemen have always been dedicated to the community in their actions and dedication. They have spent many of their free time hours to see the District has up to date facilities, equipment and training to be a TOP NOTCH Fire Dept.

CVFD Board Member