Crosby man snatches U.S. power lifting post

David Hammers will represent USA Powerlifting Team at the International Powerlifting Federation Junior World Championship in Pretoria

CROSBY – A man that established himself as a local student leader here is continuing to establish his leadership internationally in a very straining sport.

David Hammers only weighs about 142.5 lbs. but in a recent Nebraska Competition representing the University of Texas bench pressed 402 lbs. He is now bound for international competition in South Africa.

This year, Hammers qualified for the US Nationals team by winning the 165 lb. class of the the USAPL Junior National Championships. He has lifted 568 lbs., in squat, 557 lbs. in deadlift.

“As I go into this meet, my goals are to do the best I can, achieve new personal records, and gain valuable meet experience. Though I have a good chance of medaling at this meet, it would be naive of me to expect this from my first international competition.”

“I started powerlifting in my sophomore year of high school under Coach Roy Hardy,” answers Hammers. “I worked hard for the next two years, which paid off when I won the regional meet, qualified for the state meet and helped our team tie for the regional title my senior year in the 148 lb. weight class. My teammates play a crucial role in my success, as they have helped me every time I’ve needed it. I now spend a lot of time coaching the team., as well as lifting.”

Hammers mother works for Crosby ISD and his brothers Darren, 16, and Dylan, 12 attend school in Crosby.