Multiple tragedies mar weekend for area residents

CROSBY-HUFFMAN — A camper drowned, a man’s foot was mangled by an explosive, and two elderly sisters were found dead from an apparent double suicide last week.

Deputies went to Love’s Marina on August 25 at about 1:46 p.m. to confer with a witness that found the body of Kenneth Donald Scott, 52, of New Caney. The witness indicated that Scott had been an overnight camper and that he had been found face down in the San Jacinto River just north of the campsite. Harris County Sheriff’s Homicide Division and the County Medical Examiner’s Office are investigating.

Deputies were called to a Huffman home at about 9:30 a.m. on August 27 where twin sisters were found dead in a garage. The sisters were sitting in a car with a flexible pipe leading from the exhaust to inside the car’s window Friday morning. Both of the sisters had been diagnosed as having a serious medical condition. One had been told that her illness was terminal and the other had been treated and was told that her illness was not terminal. The husband of one of the sisters reported seeing the twins the night before and having found them the following morning.