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Posts published in October 2004

Crosby’s Middle School teams beat Northshore

CROSBY — The Crosby Cougar 8A team defeated the North Shore Mustangs by the score of 11-10. Again, the Cougar defense turned in a great game by holding the Mustang offense out of the end zone.

Gage Adams intercepted one pass and recovered one fumble, Jeremy Bets intercepted one pass on defense and also score the only touchdown on a 30 yard in the third quarter. Andrew Gwyn, Randy Rasmussen and Jered Boyette also turned in good defensive games.

On offense, Jacob Schexnayder kicked a 23-yard field goal and kicked the extra point. Chris Corman, Jordan French and Matthew Rhineberger lead the blocking up front for the Cougars. The Cougar 8A team is now 2-2-2 on the season and 2-1 in district play.

7A (10/12/04)

The Crosby Cougar 7A team defeated the North Shore Mustangs by the score of 16-13 for their first win of the season. The Mustangs scored on the first play of the game. Crosby answered two drives later with a 75-yard touchdown by Xavier Frank. Cody Wilson made the first of two extra points on the day. The Cougars had the lead a halftime by a score of 8-6. The Mustangs scored with 3 minutes left in the game to put the Cougars down 13-8, but the Cougars’ never say die attitude shone through, and Frank scored his second touchdown. The entire defense played a spectacular game. Tristan Arceneaux and the rest of the O-line did a great job of blocking for the backs.


The Crosby Cougar 8B team was defeated by the North Shore Mustangs by the score of 21-0. Having good games on defense were Nicholas Collins, Julius Jordan, and Donnie Greer. Good performances on offense were turned in by Ryan Nutt, Chance Meadows and Cade Ramirez.


The Crosby Cougar 7B team corralled the Mustangs of North Shore in a 41 to 14. Farron Marion led the charge, scoring 5 touchdowns and one extra point. Stephon Gilbert scored one touchdown helping the Cougars over the top.

Braelon Green scored 3 extra points, and Ray Stutts ran in one. The offensive line did a great job protecting the running backs. Defensively, Jared Oliver and Andre Mitchell were everywhere. The defensive line denied the Mustangs running room and made the Mustangs pay for every yard gained.

Crosby HS band competes at Regionals

Only 4A band to get 1st Division


GALENA PARK — On Saturday, October 16, 2004, the Crosby High School Military Marching Band competed in the Region XIX UIL Marching Band contest at Glena Park ISD stadium.

The Crosby High School Band was the only 4A band to earn a division one rating, the highest rating possible. The band’s sound was great and the marching drill was outstanding.

The Crosby Band is under the direction of our new directors Adam Bird, Head Director and Jim Doiron, Assistant Director. This being a transition year, Mr. Bird, Mr. Doiron, and the band worked hard all semester and have overcome many obstacles to achieve success. Congratulations!

Is a Credit Counseling Service Right for You?

Good credit is an essential aspect of life in today’s world. Your credit history shows how responsible you have been in paying your bills. It helps determine the amount of credit available to you as well as the interest rate you will pay.

Unfortunately, we are not always able to maintain a good credit rating due to hardship, such as unemployment. As a result, an increasing number of consumers are turning to credit counseling agencies for assistance. What is credit counseling? Credit counseling is advice offered by a non-profit or for-profit organization that is designed to get you out of debt, often with the aid of a debt repayment plan.

Typical debt repayment plans require you to make a monthly deposit to the credit counseling agency, which will then pay off your creditors according to a payment schedule set by your credit counselor.

Bear in mind that as part of the repayment plan, you may have to agree not to apply for or use new credit while you are participating in the program. When considering whether to use a credit counseling service, ask for an estimate of how long the repayment plan will take. The majority of successful plans require you to make regular payments for at least 48 months. Be sure to find out exactly how much money each service will cost you. Payment costs and requirements vary widely from agency to agency.

Some credit counseling agencies are free or charge a small amount for credit management, while others charge a monthly fee that can add up over time. Be aware that some credit counseling agencies are funded partly by creditors. While a debt repayment plan can reduce the stress associated with dealing with your creditors, you must remain an active participant in your repayment plan. You are responsible for reviewing your monthly statements from your creditors to verify that they have been paid and that other provisions of your plan have been satisfied. You are also responsible for paying debts not included in the repayment plan.

Participating in a repayment plan will not erase your bad credit. Accurate negative information about your credit history can stay in your credit file for up to seven years. In addition, your creditors will report information on accounts that are in the credit management process, which may lower your credit score in the short run.

Debt repayment plans usually only cover unsecured debt. Your car loan and home mortgage are considered secured debts and might not be included. You will have to continue to make payments directly to these creditors. The reason these kinds of loans are considered secured is that a vehicle can be repossessed or your home foreclosed on if payments are not made. If you are experiencing difficulty in making your car or house payment, contact the creditor immediately.

Consumers should also be careful when considering loan consolidation as a way to pay off creditors. Some companies claim they can guarantee a loan for a fee paid in advance. The fee may be as much as several hundred dollars. If someone guarantees or strongly suggests that they can get a loan or credit for you, remember that it’s against the law for them to request or accept payment until you actually get the loan or credit. Legitimate lenders never guarantee or imply that you are likely to get a loan or credit card before you apply, especially if you have bad credit, no credit or a bankruptcy on your record.

Credit counseling services can provide a means for consumers to get out of debt, but they are not for everyone. You should understand that a debt repayment plan is a methodical, long-term solution to debt management.

Don’t Let Election Drive Investment Decisions

The campaigning and the commercials are just about over – and Election Day is upon us. As a citizen, you have something at stake in this election, and in every election. But as an investor, should you really be that concerned over who wins the presidency?

You might think so, if you listen to all the claims coming from both parties. And yet, many of these charges and counter-charges are just rhetoric. Here’s the bottom line: Individual investors have done well and poorly under both Democrats and Republicans. Ultimately, the good health of the financial markets – and, by extension, your investment success – depends on a variety of factors having relatively little to do with who’s in the White House.

Looking ahead

Does a presidential election have any impact on the markets? Yes. If an incumbent wins, the stock market typically has performed a little better over the next year – but that’s often because the markets don’t like the uncertainty caused by change. And this positive effect is really a short-term reaction.

Over the longer term, a particular administration’s policies can have some effect on the economy, which in turn affects the markets. But it’s far from clear just how much control any president has over economic forces. And not infrequently, an administration’s actions may not even have the desired economic results.

So, as an informed investor, don’t let Election Day determine your future moves. As you look ahead, then, what “big picture” factors should inform your decision-making? Here are two to consider:

*Corporate profits – As a determinant of stock prices, corporate profits matter greatly – today, tomorrow, next year and next decade. Corporate profits are a key driver of the financial markets. If you want a fairly dramatic illustration of this point, you need only look back a few years, to the late 1990s, when “dot-com” stocks were all the rage. Investors couldn’t get enough of these companies, which seemed fantastically full of potential. However, potential is not profitability – which is something many of these companies lacked. And in 2000, this problem caught up with these stocks: Their prices plunged, and the fall helped drag down the entire market.

*Sustainable economic growth – If you want to see what might lie ahead for the financial markets, you might want to watch the progress of our economy. In general, a sluggish economy is not particularly good news for investors, particularly those who invest in stocks. At the other end of the spectrum, an economy that’s too hot can lead to inflationary pressures and movements by the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates – events that may also bring mixed results to investors. Consequently, you and other investors might want to hope for a “Goldilocks” economy – not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

Vote your conscience

If you want to have a voice in how your government is run, you need to vote – it’s that simple. The winner of the presidential election can play a huge role in shaping the issues of the day. But, as we’ve seen, other factors are likely going to be more responsible for determining the investment outlook for the next four years. So, when you enter the voting booth, let your conscience – not your brokerage statement – be your guide.

Crosby freshmen beat Galena Park

CROSBY — The Crosby Cougar White team improved their record to 4-2-1 by soundly defeating the Galena Park Yellowjackets last night 26-6. After allowing an early touchdown drive, the defense dominated the remainder of the game led by Hernand Hernandez, Alan Sailors, and Qualan Bolds. Khani Lee quarterbacked the offense to score 4 touchdowns on 5 possessions. Lee scored on a 30 yard scamper up the middle and also connected on a 56 yard TD pass to Tyler Malchar who used his blazing speed to outrun the defense of GP. Keidran Gregory scored on a great 40 yard run eluding many defenders, and Jarriel White capped off the scoring with another touchdown run. The Cougars continue to get better every week so come out and support your team as they face Hull-Daisetta here at Cougar stadium next week.

Crosby Red Team

Congradulations to the Crosby High School Freshman Red Team as they defeated the Yellowjackets of Galena Park 19-6. Offensively the Cougars were led by quarterback Durran Starks hooking up with Rusty Jones for two touchdowns on the night. Kevin Humphries led the team in rushing with one touchdown. Tyler Joseph was 1 for 2 on the night kicking the extra point. Defensivley the Cougars were led by interceptions by Zeph George, Brandon Jacobs and Rusty Jones. Jones and Bubba Bryan also recovered fumbles for the Cougars. The win brings the Cougars record to 4-3 on the season and a 2-0 district record. The Cougars host Smiley next Thursday at Cougar Stadium.

Longhorn and Red Raiders to mix it up

Colorado at Texas A&M: Don’t look now, but the Aggies might just be playing themselves into bowl contention and a win at home over the Buffaloes could go a long way in solidifying their bowl status. Earning a bowl bid would be quite an accomplishment for Dennis Franchione’s team, which finished 4-8 a year ago and had little experience when the season started. The young players have stepped up on defense and the offense has played well, led by quarterback Reggie McNeal. Look for a big day on both sides of the ball as the Ags manhandle a Colorado team that began the season fast, but is now fading. My pick, Texas A&M 37, Colorado 15

Oklahoma State at Missouri: This should be a good one as the talented Cowboys take on the Big 12 North’s best team in Missouri. Missouri quarterback Brad Smith has picked up where he left off a year ago, beating teams with his legs and arm. OSU must contain him on Saturday if they hope to get what would be a big road win. The Cowboys entered the season with a number of question marks on offense, especially at the skill positions, but those questions have been answered in the affirmative. OSU owns road wins at UCLA and Colorado, so playing on the road in a big game will not intimidate Less Miles’ team. This should be a high-scoring affair that goes right down to the wire. I’ll give the nod to Missouri due to Smith’s versatility. My pick, Missouri 34, Oklahoma State 32

Texas at Texas Tech: Texas Tech has had two weeks to prepare for a Longhorn team that is bruised and battered after its 12-0 loss to Oklahoma. While the ‘Horns were dropping their fifth straight game to OU, Tech was handing Nebraska its worst defeat in school history as the Red Raiders passed them silly in their 70-10 route of the Huskers. Tech always plays Texas tough at home and that should continue this Saturday in Jones Stadium. Texas has a suspect secondary, so expect Tech QB Sonny Cumbie to go after them early and often. The more success Tech has through the air, the more dangerous running back Tauren Henderson becomes. Texas will pound Cedric Benson at an improved but moveable Tech defensive front. This should be a high scoring affair, just as last year’s game was, but the Red Raiders have revenge on their minds and it says here they’ll have the last laugh when this one is over. My pick, Texas Tech 45, Texas 41


Let’s now take a look at what the NFL has to offer .

Atlanta at Kansas City: An interesting match up here as the previously undefeated Falcons visit a Kansas City team that appears to be finding itself after an 0-3 start. The Kansas City defense is playing better and it could turn in another solid performance against an Atlanta team that is still trying to find itself offensively. Quarterback Michael Vick looks uncomfortable in the West Coast offense. He has one touchdown pass (as of this writing) on the season and has been turning over the football with too much frequency. This might be the weekend he turns things around. The Chiefs will face a very good Falcons defense, but expect Priest Holmes to carry the load and have another productive day as the Chiefs begin to put things together. My pick, Kansas City 23, Atlanta 19

Dallas at Green Bay: These two storied franchises meet once again, but this time around, the game has lost much of its luster. Both teams are struggling, but the Packers are by far the team that is struggling the most. They’ve already lost three home games and the defense has played horribly thus far, so bad that not even Brett Favre has been able to bring his team back from the enormous deficits this team has faced on a weekly basis. The Cowboys need to strike quickly, which they did not do in their 26-10 loss to the Giants two weeks ago. Dallas looked pitiful on both sides of the ball in that game, but something tells me head coach Bill Parcells has gotten his teams attention these last two weeks in practice. The Packers appear to be in for a long season, and probably a coaching change at the end of the year. I wonder if Nick Saban would be interested in the job? Just a hunch on my part. Things don’t get any better this week in Packerland. My pick, Dallas 27, Green Bay 17

Denver at Cincinnati: This should be a yawner of a Monday night game. Neither team has shown much on offense, but both play decent defense. Look for the Broncos to attack early as quarterback Jake Plummer comes out throwing, while the Bengals will look to get running back Rudi Johnson untracked early to control the clock and keep Plummer off the field. The Broncos have played well on the road thus far and it says here that trend continues this week on Monday Night Football. My pick, Denver 23, Cincinnati 14