All Fridays are good, ain’t they?

Maybe March will bring some better weather than all the wet and cold conditions and all that has been around. Bring back the 80’s make my day.

I’m itching to get in the garden and do my thing; one of which is to catch the cat that has discovered my garden. I’ll sting its tail with a BB if caught squatting. Ain’t nothing worser than cat!

I told the Mrs. I was ready for a spring fling. She told me to go get the shovel and fling some over the back fence.

Actually with spring being three weeks away, it is time for a weekend jaunt, short road trip or a spring fling for us. She told me she has the day off on Good Friday so we will have a three day weekend and I told her I thought all Fridays were good, ain’t they?

Maybe a little road trip towards Austin to see the blue bonnets in bloom and what ever may spark an interest. Maybe later on a trip to Canton & First Monday Trade Days will cure the spring fever urge to go for the time being. With the First Monday Trade Days it’ll get the itch out of my system because all of the walking involved.

Maybe just a simple “get out of Dodge” for a weekend excursion will do the trick or scratch the itch of relief from life’s many stresses. A different stroke and a day away from every day life coupled with those contained therein if you savvy. Lord knows we all need a little more than a sigh of relief sometimes.

I asked the Mrs. just now, “What’cha want to do right now, no matter the cost or whatever. What do you want to do?”

She said, “I don’t want to do anything now, why?”

Talk about content.

Maybe I’ll get a scratch later.

Riding around the yacht basins around Galveston Bay would be nice on this sunny and cool day. I’d buy supper and make her chuckle more than once but mind you, she’s got lots of smarty mouth answers to reply to mine now days. She had a good teacher.

If she would drive, I would go in a minute but my back seat driver’s license prevents many excursions like that so Ihave to drive. HUMPH!

* * * * *

What is your credit score? Do you know or care? Briefly your score can range from 300 to 850. I’ve seen an 849, NO MAS.

Paying on time counts for 35% of your score, that’s a big percentage. 30% of what you owe as a percentage of available credit so don’t go near your credit limit.

15% for the length of time you had credit.

10% for credit mix meaning department stores, bank cards, car payments, etc. Personal finance companies bring down your credit score!

10% for you applying for new credit so slow down on your wants.

Being at 80% of your credit limit kills your score.

Bankruptcy will stay on your credit for ten years.

I’ve known marriages that didn’t last that long.