Tales of the (thin) Urban Cowboy

Finally got to get out of the house this week end and took the Mrs. with me as we traveled from Baytown to North Houston and back to the South I-10 corridor inside the loop while enjoying “being out of Dodge.”

Been trying to locate a fellow that owes more than a dollar. That is what I do for a living at times plus go get the mail and make coffee at times.

Just so happens the man I am trying to locate has an address on his Texas Drivers License on Greenspoint Drive with a number after the address making me think it is the apartment number.

Sure enough, we drive up to the address and it is a strip center; the address is a UPS, Fed Ex, you name it, drop off station with mail boxes, mailing service, etc.

This is the second address I have been to for this particular person and it is also the second mail box store he’s used as his address. This does not pass the smell test but then again, the outcome of all this will be interesting. It is all in a day’s work.

Off the clock and on my time, we then headed down Interstate 45 and enjoyed the crowded freeway with its many road warriors and slow pokes. Got off the freeway at the Airline exit and ventured on down to the Farmers Market on Airline.

Mangos, oranges, tomatoes, watermelons and plenty of people there. Didn’t even get out of the truck, but poked along the lanes eyeballing the produce and people.

Had planned on eating at the little cafe just out of the Farmers Market but it was too early yet so off we go on down Airline ending up on Washington Avenue.

We got lost in this vicinity several years back and came upon a dead end street. From that vantage point and behind a six foot chain link fence with barbed wire top, there were huge statues of President Bush, and others. These were huge heads cast of men of such prominence; guess that’s why they had such big heads.

It is a Yuppie village on that side of town now. In areas that means it ain’t nothing but glorified 3 story apartment living. Imagine taking 3 stories down to carry out the trash and three stories back. Not to mention grocery buying. I’d just have to hang Four Dog out the window.

We stopped at a high dollar Feed and Supply store on down Washington and browsed. With all that high dollar priced of stuff in there, it’s all we could do but browse; it’s higher than Cracker Barrel Fudge but we do like to look, it don’t cost a nickel.

Lots of birds in this place as well as fowl meaning chickens and roosters. They even had ducks and gooses as well as several old cats about.

All that brought about lunch time and we were just down from Rockefeller’s Club and around the corner from Hickory Hollow Bar B Q Restaurant. Best chicken fried steak in town, ’tis.

Needless to say, food like that kills the heck out of my diet. Managed to drop a few LB’s but dieting seems to make food taste better. The better it tastes the more of it I eat so now you know the rest of the story.

Charlie A. Farrar is author of many columns of homespun Georgia thoughts, that have appeared in the Star-Courier. He has published a book with some of the best, “Two Cents Worth.” To purchase a copy, send $12.95 to Star-Courier, PO Box 405, Highlands, TX 77562.