A visit from Brer Rabbit

Was busier than a two headed cat in a creamery this weekend, but did not do any licking. Have to go back to my day job to get some rest.

Whooped out one bedroom, including the closet, in the painting detail I have been assigned. All this white paint reminds me of my Coast Guard days because I stayed for two years on a big white ship that had lots of rust.

Being a deck ape at the time, you learn a lesson or two after a year of painting, chipping and spreading red lead. Never could master the Bosn’s Whistle, so I turned to striking for Yeoman. It worked. Mastering the art of typing, well, all except numbers, these fingers tap out about 62 WPM and accurately 56 WPM.

There are some who take a typing test online who hit 193 WPM (gross) with an accuracy rating of 189 WPM. That, my friend, is flying across the keys; ain’t many of them around. Betcha!

Got a Coca-Cola ding dong clock when my aunt in Georgia passed. The clock has a pendulum swinging below with the Coca-Cola emblem. Ain’t old because it is battery operated. The clock goes, “Ding Dong Ding Dong; Ding Dong Ding Dong” at the top of each hour.

The clock was moved to paint the room and then re-hung. Afterwards, it struck the donging and dinging at the 29th minute after the hour and this worried the heck out of me. Finally got it Ding Donging correctly, but the thing still does its ding dong ding dong — ding dong ding dong 24/7. (That stands for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week)

Did you notice last Friday was Friday the 13th? It was indeed and did you know a Friday the 13th only occurs when the first of the month falls on a Sunday? Next Friday the 13th is in January, 2006, tis.

Over at the gardening guru spread and admiring his briar patch (row of blackberries) and tomato patch he said, “Look at my rabbit, Charlie.”

He had to point it out and it was a swamp rabbit over close to him. Rabbit was no more afraid of him than Four Dog to me. Never seen anything like it.

Said he’s had the rabbit around 3 or 4 years and he feeds it during the winter. He had a large chicken water container at the end of his briar patch so it and others could have a drink.

I was watching this ole Brer Rabbit by the briar patch and sho’nuff it nibbled out and got a big ole blackberry out of the briar patch. Asked ole guru if he saw that and he said he did, said the rabbit likes tomatoes too.

Life is simple as most folks would shoot the rabbit if it ever got seen by others near their garden.

Like another old friend said about his garden and using insecticides to kill bugs on his greens and cabbage, etc. He told me they cain’t eat it all.

Life is good cause all my friends ain’t in low places.