Crosby student sent home for ‘hit list’

CROSBY – A sixth grade girl penned a list of schoolmates and faculty headlined “Kill” at Drew Intermediate School and the pupil was caught at it on Monday, April 25, according to Crosby Superintendent Don Hendrix.

Precinct 3 Constables are investigating the charge of “terroristic threats” and many here wonder what can be done about it, to keep the kids safe from another Columbine massacre.

What is seems lacking is credible evidence of an intent to carry out the threat. But there is lots of hearsay abounding among students and parents.

School officials learned of the note Monday at about 3:00 p.m. and the child took the bus to school the following day with her mother, before law enforcement was brought in. On that Tuesday, the mother of the list-maker met with the Drew principal, and fellow students and their parents were also given word. Fifteen people on the list were interviewed by Constable Jones’ staff and four seemed to think there was something to worry about.

A week’s suspension was given to the child, while psychological evaluations are conducted and alternative schooling is facing the child for now, according to Hendrix. The D.A.’s Office will look into any possible criminal charges, according to Captain Hagee of the Constable’s office.