I’ve got friends in low places

It is Mother’s Day as this is being written. Rode by the cemetery on Beltway 8 and noticed a whole lot of cars parked there. Then remembered if my Mother was buried nearby, I’d visit her today and take some flowers too. She left this world at the age of 53, I was 26.

Guess you could say I’ve run wild ever since having no parents to keep me in line. Read my fortune the other day on my page. Says, “You have an unusual magnetic personality. Just be aware of your polarity.”

What’s that mean? Must have to do something with friends and acquaintances and maybe why I get so much various and assorted emails from my friends in low places.

I can say that because if you saw some of the stuff I get, you would understand the true meaning of friends in low places. I can honestly say some people have way too much time on their hands.

Of course I have had some pictures sent to me that have been copied and are hanging on the wall in my office. Fer instance a 121 pound catfish, a cougar stalking a deer within ten feet and a shot of a seven trophy deer on top of a mountain.

Heard the catfish shot is a fake, but it looks good on the wall. Have another picture I’m taking to work tomorrow. Bitterroot, Montana – this picture is of a mountain side on fire with a stream at the foot of the mountain with two deer getting a drink. The man who took the shot was crossing the bridge and took the picture. Awesome!

The month of May is about my favorite, I reckon. For some reason, May brings out the nomadic ways in me. Of course at my age, I best stay put.

During the month of May, I left home voluntarily and joined the Coast Guard. Not to mention two job changes in May.

Also started writing these articles in May, been eleven years this month doing them.

Odd that I would start writing but I asked the owner of the paper, David Herfert? if I wrote an article about something would he run it in his newspaper. He said yes and even put me on the front page too, I couldn’t believe it, didn’t last either. It was titled WORD ON THE STREET.

Wrote for some newspapers across the river for a while but they fired me. Put in a nice way, they said they would not run my articles. It all boils down to the fact I would not sign an exclusive contract with them. That is too restrictive and sort of like getting married again. I figure it was their loss.

My cousin in Montana sent me an email this morning with new names for the Seven Dwarfs entitled The Seven Dwarfs of Menopause with a photo of the dwarfs in a row with their names: Itchy, Bitchy, Sweaty, Sleepy, Bloated, Forgetful and Psycho.

Cain’t hang that one on the wall.