Wrecks: On the ground and in air

The Talladega race is live on TV now and it’s quick.  Do enjoy some of those big races: the chatter between driver and pit and the big tracks.  Don’t care for the short tracks nare bit as it seems as though they are going in circles. 

There is enough horsepower on the race track that it is more powerful than a locomotive and a twenty mule team.  You remember the 20 Mule Team Borax Show brought to you by the same company?  It was a western starring Dale Robertson or was Wells Fargo the company he worked for?

Stock car races have changed in more ways than one; however the name changes are the hardest to remember from names like the Southern Five Hundred and the Fire Cracker Five Hundred to corporate names like telephone, motor oil, and drug to gas companies; same with stadiums and the sorts.  Makes me wonder who is really racing the fastest; changes or the cars?

Had the Mrs. in the garden last week showing her what a sucker looks like and she asked why I pinched them off rather than cutting?  Cutting suckers with a knife or other sharp object helps spreads diseases or so I’ve read. Did you know you are not supposed to smoke in the tomato garden?

Suckers are a new growth in the V of the main stalk and the limb of the flower stem.  It is said if you allow it to grow, it’ll grow into it’s own plant and the main plant will direct energy to the new sucker growth rather than to producing baby tomatoes. Makes sense to me.

Yeeowweee, a multi car wreck at Talladega just now, 20+ cars and of course they were flying.  Half the field and they called it a multimillion dollar junk yard.

Dirty racing, in my viewpoint, but that’s what it’s all about or so it seems.  #8 car was on the bumper of his front car and he turned some, causing the car to start spinning.  That would make me mad.

Saw a crash landing the other day in Highlands. While visiting with the tomato guru on Maple Street, we were looking at his bluebird houses and one of the chicks stuck its head out of the port hole. We watched it for a bit as it watched us or so we were thinking. Next thing ya know the little bluebird took flight and fluttered over to the next house next door and then attempted to land on the window air conditioner. The little bird skidded across the top of the AC unit and managed to snag onto the screen window next to it. We watched it a while, commenting that was a first for us to see a baby bluebird take its first flight.

Another bird I’d like to see is the Ivory-billed woodpecker. There is evidence of sightings recently the bird is not extinct. Scientist said the bird with a 3-foot wing span and almost 20 inches long disappeared over sixty year ago.

The latest sightings of the Ivory-billed woodpecker were in the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge in Monroe County, Arkansas. That, my friend, would be a sight to see.