Grand jury won’t indict Crosby teens

HARRIS COUNTY – A Harris County Grand Jury, last week, said it would not indict three Crosby teens on felony explosive charges.

During Spring Break, three teens were arrested after a witness reported a bomb has exploded near his home.

According to Harris County Precinct 3 Constable Ken Jones’ office, the teens had placed some sparkler-type fireworks down an armadillo home. This caused an small explosion, alerting the homeowner.

The teens were apprehended by deputies from the constable’s office, and taken to the Harris County Jail. The teens spent two days in jail before the parents, who asked not to be identified, paid the $12,000 each to have them released.

The Grand Jury said that the incident seemed to be more of a prank that of criminal intent.
Despite the ruling, Jones warned caution when using fireworks, he said that they can still be dangerous and that misuse can often result in consequences that are unexpected as the teens found out themselves.