Summer Daze: Gardening and watching the grandkids

If hot weather makes peppers hot then we should have a nice crop of after burners this year. A friend has six Habanera pepper plants and offered some which I refused. They are simply too hot for me, all you taste is hot and then you can’t taste anything else but hot.

The old boy puts up quarts of Cow Horn pepper sauce and includes three to four of the pods of the Habanera in each quart. He said it gives the pepper sauce some heat. Having had a quart of it, the pepper sauce is not as hot as you’d have thought.

Picked Brussel Sprouts from the garden this morning and will use some of the pepper sauce on the stout tasting things tonight.

The tomato patch is almost gone except for a few of the Cherry tomatoes and Zebra tomatoes. First year to grow the Zebra and will again if I can find a plant next year. They are green and yellow on the outside but green in texture; they still taste like a regular tomato.

Had some yellow tomatoes and they too taste no different than the red.

The 10 year old grand daughter has eaten five ripe tomatoes over the sink with a sprinkle of Cajun Seasoning since she got here yesterday. The 8 year old does not eat tomatoes.

Fried some green tomatoes today and gave the 10 year old one to sample. She tasted it then bit into it. She made a face that would scare Darth Vader.

Good to have the two grand daughters here for a spell. Hope it don’t turn into a spell.

They are not used to being still except when they are sleeping it seems.

Allowed them to ride the lawn mower in the back yard with strict orders on this that and the other. Might have to go get more gas tomorrow for them to ride that hot thing out in this heat; they loved it.

Their father is calling from Pennsylvania checking on them. Mr. Wild Child himself at that. The old road warrior has the two girls plus now an almost 2 yr old boy, and his tune has sure changed since his hitch in the Marine Corp.

Asked him what he is going to do when one of the girls brings home a long haired hippy type dude. He doesn’t appreciate my comments.

Reap what we sow, I love it because he did good.

Have a promise to keep to the girls and that is going to Wal-Mart at six o’clock in the morning. Already been asked when we are going because they can smell the toy section as soon as they get in the door.

They will get a whiff of a mini batch of chowchow coming up early one morning too.

Have been wearing my Day Lake pocket T shirts and they are holier than Swiss cheese.
The old blue jean shorts are frayed with an occasional hole and/or paint on them. Don’t mind wearing them one bit as they are very comfortable fitting clothes to me.

These girls fuss at me for wanting to go out to eat with the ragged clothes on and it is funny listening to them. Then I say, “I suppose you want me to wear some shoes too?”

It’s like adding fuel to the fire.

The girls also told me I am very grumpy. I told them living with their grandmother makes me that way.

Yackety yack, yack, yack.