Pickin’ Up Sticks

Charlie Farrar

Fiddle Sticks, pick up sticks.
Ever heard that saying or play the game? There is a game associated with the term from way back before all the electronic games kids play today.
Hint: It is not Jacks, Red Light or May I.
Played pick up sticks this morning; including limbs, branches and fire ants from the back yard as the results of Rita’s ravage. Tis too hot to be dragging limbs to the road.
Had to borrow my neighbor’s chain saw since one of the twins borrowed ours about four years ago. You relate?
Problem with disasters like Hurricane Rita is that the Mrs. has to go to work as soon as she can after it occurs.
Her cats miss her, so they come to me for attention and love. My petting makes Four Dog come stick his nose in the middle of the loving.
With her not being here, we ain’t eating as good. Not that she is not the cook, but the cook’s recipient. A Smart Ones frozen dinner is on the main menu from the microwave tonight. Ain’t much left except licking the plastic bowl, and Four Dog licks it all around the living room.
When she gets home, it will supper at Antonio’s with a light dinner so she will not fall asleep when she gets home.
Fill her full of food and she goes to sleep, so what choice do I have?
She’d be just like Four Dog and lay up just next to you feeling close. If I was a cat I’d start purring.
Be barking at the moon in the morning.