Gift certificates and resolutions

Did Santa Claus bring want you wanted for Christmas, or something you don’t want or need?

There is going to be a new rule in the house next Christmas, and that is do not get us anything for Christmas. If you have to buy us something, make it a gift certificate or dinner for two.

We already have a house full and you get all that mess piled up, we don’t have enough room for it. The family room is where we spend the majority of our time and the Mrs. has a pile on each side of her chair plus all of her reading material. It is starting to slide over on my side now.

Not sure if that new rule will work or not, but had to get in my two cents worth on the matter; she pays about as much attention to me sometimes as do her cats.

Here tis the first day of the New Year and it’ll be 80° today. I ain’t complaining.

Might as well plant some potatoes, carrots and onions tomorrow morning. Worked on my character this morning by turning the garden over with the pitch fork; soil is ready. Will also trim and straighten up the briar patch too (blackberries).

Speaking of the briar patch, Brer Rabbit left it’s markings in my garden, noticed the pills when turning the soil this morning.

Ain’t too worried about Brer Rabbit but Mr. Squirrel may well be in the tomato patch this year. Anybody want a squirrel or two?

Most New Year resolutions heard are people that are going to drop a few pounds, get in shape. And those that say they are going to stop smoking. You make a resolution or two did you? Several people said they don’t make resolutions because they never keep them.

Didn’t make any myself but have walked two mornings now and hobble the rest of the day. Worked in the garden two days in a row as well, so far so good.

Need to make a trip across the river pretty soon. There is a man who orders his tomato seeds and produces his own plants. He told me last year he planted over 400 tomato plants and has great success at it. Need to find out the name of those seeds. Maybe barter some chowchow for a few tomato plants.

On my early thirty morning trips to Wal-Mart this morning, I saw several packages of Chokes as in Artichoke tubes or roots in the produce section. Ma Pearl used to pickle those things out on the Liberty Hill Rd and I’ve tried them a time or two. They are crunchy as a potato with a bit of heat from the red pepper in the pickling spices. You ever had the any pickled artichokes?